Advancements in technology have allowed many things to become smaller. One of them is flying robots.

Nowadays, warfare is no longer the massive fanfare we saw in WWII. Instead, it’s more about things like urban guerilla warfare and counter terrorism. Not surprisingly, low-altitude reconnaissance is more important than ever and tiny robot drones fit the bill perfectly.

Meanwhile, some in the private sector are forging into this field partly because they can and it’s a cool thing to do. There is also a strong growing demand among enthusiasts for these fun gadgets.

The following are the videos of 5 cool tiny robotic flyers.

1. AeroVironment’s Hummingbird

2. WowWee’s Dragon fly

3. Case Western Reserve’s Morphing Micro Air and Land Vehicles

4. Snelflight’s Alien Jet

5. Interactive Toy’s da Vinci