It’s finally time to close the door on 2018, but for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie that means leaving behind the crazy rumors told about their lives in the press. From reunions with Jennifer Aniston to George Clooney playing the peacemaker in their divorce, the estranged couple has been carrying on scandalous lifestyles this year, according to the tabloids.

However, now that the year is pretty much over, it’s clear to see that certain rumors we simply false. Check out 5 of the craziest Pitt-Jolie rumors from 2018:

Jennifer Aniston Reunion

Following Pitt’s split from Jolie, there have been several rumors suggesting he was getting back with his ex-wife, Aniston. Early this month, In Touch published an article claiming the “Friends” alum was pregnant with her ex-husband’s baby and they planned on spending Christmas with his family. However, there has been no evidence proving Pitt and Aniston have reunited and are expecting a baby.

Justin Theroux Dating Rumors

Dating rumors also began to follow Jolie, who tabloids claimed has been dating Aniston’s husband to get revenge against the actress for reuniting with Brad Pitt. In October, Life & Style published an article suggesting Jolie and Theroux met up to discuss a potential project but ended up bonding on a personal level. The tabloid claimed Aniston would be “devastated” once she learned about her estranged husband’s new girlfriend, however, there have been no photos or reports linking Jolie and Theroux together.

George Clooney Playing Peacemaker

In September, Grazia published an article claiming Clooney stepped in to try to play the voice of reason during Pitt and Jolie’s bitter divorce. The outlet claimed Clooney attempted to convince Jolie to compromise with the divorce so she and Pitt could do what’s best for their kids, but the “Maleficent 2” star wouldn’t budge. Despite the report, Clooney has not been involved in Jolie and Pitt’s legal proceedings.

Kate Middleton Told Jolie To Take Pitt Back

Over the summer, OK! claimed that Jolie, who was in London filming “Maleficent 2” would secretly meet with the Duchess of Cambridge during her downtime. In July, the tabloid published an article suggesting Middleton advised Jolie to stop her divorce and take Pitt back. However, the outlet failed to provide where the alleged sit-down took place. Furthermore, reliable outlets have made no acknowledgments of the supposed meeting or even a friendship between Middleton and Jolie.

Pitt Trying To Force Jolie To Be Mentally Evaluated

In April, many tabloids begin to focus on Jolie’s weight and circulate articles about the starlet’s tiny frame. NW was one of the gossip outlets to jump on the bandwagon and published an article claiming Pitt was talking to his lawyers to see if he could force Jolie, who wasn’t properly taking care of herself, to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Since then, there have not been any reliable reports confirming Jolie was pressured to seek professional help.