Weight gain in winter is a common concern for all of us. And, it must be a matter of curiosity about the reason for gaining more weight in this season compared to summer.

Lack of vitamin D to body temperature and several other factors might trigger weight gain during this winter holiday season. Also, the ‘melatonin’ hormone that does the job of controlling your sleep-wake cycle, is on the rise during the winter season and is linked to increased appetite. This is why you might find yourselves eating more and moving lesser during the cooler days, which when not controlled can cause weight gain.

Here are a few easy yet effective ways to avoid piling up those extra pounds during winter:

1. First off, don’t stress about it.

Stop worrying about those extra few pounds you’ve gained during this winter. Don’t feel guilty or be harsh on yourself. When you stress and deprive your body, you will only make it more difficult to lose weight. Instead, try focusing on re-assessing and set healthier goals. De-stress, practice relaxation and mindfulness; this will help you achieve your goals in no time.

2. Say No to Fad diets.

Replace all fad diets with a well-balanced diet. Refrain from unhealthy options like milk chocolate and fast foods and replace them with dark chocolate and fresh fruits. Fad diets can be unhealthy since they don’t address the problems, which lead to weight gain in the first place. Moreover, fad diets involve eliminating the foods that aren’t bad for you, which can cause nutritional deficiencies.

3. Keep Moving.

Increasing your physical activity is very important, especially to prevent gaining weight in winter. But, you need to switch from being idle to a marathon runner. Start slowly and try walking 20-30 minutes every day. You could also get an exercise partner who can help you stay motivated. When the chill weather could feel like a hindrance, you could opt for a yoga class or join an indoor basketball or badminton class.

4. Eat Right.

Drink enough water, and eat a diet enriched with whole foods that contain lesser amounts of processed foods and preservatives. Avoid all the colorful labeled-foods and the fancy stuff which claim to be low in fat. They could be low in nutrition, says HuffingtonPost. Thus ensure to eat a healthy diet which includes fresh produces. Also, to prevent overeating and gaining weight in winter, refrain from skipping meals or getting to a point where you might feel extremely hungry. Eat smaller meals and more frequently to help curb your cravings.

5. Snack Wisely.

When festival treats get easily accessible, you’re likely to snack unnecessarily, says HealthLine. To avoid gaining weight in winter, hide your treats out of your sight at home. Stay mindful of your snacking habits and when you find yourself reaching out to snacks when you aren’t hungry, try avoiding them altogether. But when in hunger, opt for healthier snack options including fruits, nuts, vegetables, and nuts.

Weight Gain
Losing weight and gaining weight are similar in that they must both be done safely. Gaining too much weight too fast is unhealthy and not recommended Jarmoluk / Pixabay