ayto reunion part two
Nicole revealed a secret letter Dimitri gifted her during part two of the “Are You the One?” Season 6 reunion special. She is pictured here with her perfect match Tyler. MTV

Part two of MTV’s “Are You the One?” Season 6 reunion picked up where the initial installment left off.

Fresh off revealing two couples that dated after the season ended, part two revealed several new hookups and five more pairings, though not all parties are from Season 6.


Alivia and Kareem

Alivia and Kareem had quite a bumpy road this season, and though they are together, it appears things are still not entirely easy. Kareem admitted to hooking up with Zoe after the show during a cast meetup and Alivia said she was not surprised by the events that took place. Zoe shared she felt bad Alivia was cheated on claimed to be under the impression they were not together when she was with Kareem.

Anthony And Shannon

Geles and Anthony, who had a tumultuous relationship during the show, said they’re not friends during the reunion, but it doesn’t appear Anthony is struggling to find love. Anthony is now dating Shannon from Season 5. His girlfriend of three months even appeared on the reunion special.

Clinton and Uche

Unsurprisingly, Uche revealed she and Clinton are still an item. Clinton said his confirmed non-match moved to Florida after their season-long romance and they now spend the weekends together. Uche, he said, has even met his entire family.

After sharing they had yet to make their relationship official, Clinton asked Uche to be his girlfriend on-air and she agreed.

Joe and Taylor

Joe said he and Season 5 alum Taylor rekindled their romance after his season ended. Taylor shared she felt they rushed into their relationship and confirmed they’re not currently together. More recently, Joe has hinted he and Taylor are not on the best of terms and revealed a continued interest in Uche.

Nurys and Nelson

Nurys has been “casually dating” Nelson from Season 3. She says they’re taking things slow and gushed that he is “everything” she’s “ever wanted.”


Anthony and Zoe

Anthony and Zoe, who shared a kiss in Season 6, admitted to hooking up once after filming wrapped. There was a little drama during the reunion when it was revealed that he had spent the previous night in Alexis’s hotel room. Anthony denied they slept together, but during a commercial break, Alexis said she felt he was trying to do so.

Anthony and Keyana

Keyana announced that she hooked up with Anthony after the show also during the cast meetup. She also dished that they had sex twice during the show as well. Anthony said his hook up with Zoe occurred the night after his post-show romance with Keyana.

Zoe and Kareem

Zoe revealed that during the same trip she hooked up with Anthony, she also hooked up with Kareem.

Audrey And Hunter

Audrey says she hooked up with Hunter from Season 3 but said there’s no real relationship there.


  • Nicole revealed she received a note under her door the night before the reunion from Dimitri which stated he missed her.
  • Season 1 star Shanley apologized to Alexis for calling her a “murderer’s accomplice” on Twitter. Shanley explained her tweet, discussing the “ATYO?” star’s cousin Shelia Eddy who is prison for killing her friend in 2012, was meant to be comical.
  • Kaylen from Season 4 said she’s “casually dating” and is getting to know herself better. She also stared that she felt Shad from Season 6 would be a perfect match for her.
  • The previously teased “secret wedding” was discussed, and no, it was not referring to Julia Rose and Stephen from Season 4. It was revealed that Season 5 stars Gianna and Hayden caused buzz after posting an Instagram photo of Gianna in a wedding dress. After joking she has a “bun in the oven,” Gianna denied being married to Hayden and said they were simply part of a bridal photo shoot.