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Keith and Alexis from “Are You the One?” Season 6 have both moved on. MTV

All 22 cast members were present for Wednesday’s “Are You the One?” Season 6 reunion special, and a few couples revealed whether or not they’re still together. While there are still pairs to be discussed — MTV has teased part two of the reunion will touch on Clinton and Uche’s romance — part one did reveal two couples that dated after the cameras stopped rolling.


Malcolm and Diandra

Malcolm revealed that he and Diandra, his confirmed no-match, had a little “something, something” after the show wrapped. Diandra said they dated for a month and even discussed marriage and moving in together.

Trouble started for the pair when Diandra upset Malcolm by letting her ex come to her house to show her his new puppy. Diandra denied letting her ex into her house and said her actions we’re not that “serious.”

Later in the segment, Diandra shared it was Malcolm who broke things off with her, citing their long distance as the factor for their split. She also claimed he once tried to reconnect with their co-star Nurys during their relationship.

“You do not deserve me. You don’t even deserve me as a friend,” Diandra said.

While he dated Diandra post-show, Malcolm, when asked, said he would rather date Nurys over Diandra if he had the choice. “What me and Nurys had was real and I had to move on,” he explained.

Backstage, Nurys said Malcolm texted her recently and told her he thinks about her “every day” and thinks they would be a “power couple.”

Keith and Alexis

Keith and Alexis ended their season with their relationship in shambles, but revealed during the reunion that they got back together after the show. Alexis explained that she and Keith met each other’s parents after wrapping. After one visit, however, she decided she wanted to be alone for awhile and they separated.

Prior to the premiere, Alexis claimed Keith told her he still wanted to be with her only for Alexis to find out he had been seeing “AYTO?” alum Carolina Duarte from Season 5.

Keith went on to share that he thinks Carolina, who was present for the reunion, is better for him than Alexis and commented that their long-distance relationship is working well. He also shared that they connected after he “slid into her DMs.”

When Carolina took the stage she said she didn’t think Alexis had good intentions with Keith from watching the show. After her comments, Alexis wished the new couple well only to slam Carolina by saying, “I’m sorry no one else that you [expletive] from all the other seasons wanted you.”

As for Alexis, she says she’s now “talking” to Michael Halpern from Season 5 and is planning to meet up with him in Florida.

Perfect Match Update

Michael and Keyana


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Part one of the reunion also offered up a few perfect match, non-couple updates. As already revealed by Keyana, she and Michael are not a couple. They also revealed during the special that they did have a pregnancy scare in the house.

Elsewhere during their segment, Michael said he broke things up with Keyana, his confirmed perfect match, early on in the season because he felt his feelings were not as strong as hers were. As for his favorite kiss in Season 6, he gave Audrey that honor.

Michael also apologized to all three women he romanced, including Geles, for playing the game “selfishly” and said he should have made their feelings a higher priority.

Joe And Uche

joe and uche
Joe, pictured with perfect match Uche, appears to be back with “Are You the One?” alum ex. MTV

While Joe sat with his perfect match Uche during the reunion, it appears his better half was backstage. When asked about his favorite kiss of the season, Alexis urged Joe not to answer, saying Taylor Selfridge, an “AYTO?” Season 5 alum and his ex who cameoed in Season 6, might be listening.

Zoe and Ethan

Zoe’s kissing chart revealed she connected with Anthony, Shad, Kareem, Joe and Keith during the season, but when asked, she said she didn’t prefer one hookup over another. Her perfect match Ethan was not on her chart but, of course, she’s already revealed they are not and were never a couple.

Part two of the reunion, which airs Dec. 20, will reveal the status of Clinton and Uche and news on a “secret wedding.” Could they be talking about Season 4 alums Stephen McHugh and Julia Rose who have been sparking engagement buzz online? Fans will have to wait and see!