5.8 magnitude earthquake shudders Kashmir and PoK
A mild earthquake has been recently reported from the North Western Kashmir. Reuters

A mild earthquake rocked parts of Kashmir Monday Morning, according to Indian Meteorological Department.

The tremors, which measured about 5.8 on the Ritcher scale, had its epicenter at Gilgit, which is about 150 km from Srinagar and it is under Pakistan control.

Sonam Lotus, director of the local meteorological office, said: A moderate intensity earthquake occurred at 11.36 am Monday with the epicenter in Jammu and Kashmir- Pakistan (Gilgit) border.

Media reports said that the tremors were felt for about three seconds and the residents of the region rushed out of their homes. However, there were no reports of causalities or damage.

An earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Ritcher scale hit the same area Oct. 5, 2005 and killed more than 40, 000 people.