Seven people were killed in an apartment in the Dallas suburbs today shortly after opening their Christmas presents, with police speculating that the Texas massacre might be a mass murder-suicide.

Four women and three men, aged 18 to 60, were found in the kitchen and living room of the apartment, located some 30 miles from Dallas in Grapevine, Texas. Police Sgt. Robert Eberling reported that two handguns were found near the bodies.

The apartment was decorated with a tree, and the seven victims, who appear to be related, had just finished unwrapping their presents.

It appears they had just celebrated Christmas, Eberling said of the victims, who have not been identified. They had just opened their gifts.

Authorities told AP that all seven victims appeared to have died from gunshot wounds. Though they still don't know what sparked the massacre, official say the shooter is likely among the dead.

People and firefighters rushed to the apartment in the Lincoln Vineyards complex after an open-ended 911 call at around 11:30 am.

There was an open line. No one was saying anything, he explained.

Many of the nearby apartments were empty, and no neighbors reported hearing anything on Christmas morning.

Christy Posch, a flight attendant who moved to the complex six months ago so her son could attend the high school, lives only a few buildings away. She didn't hear any gunshots, but is horrified at the killings.

It's all families. That's why I moved here, Posch said. No burglaries, no nothing.