Be it hereditary factors, hormonal changes or an underlying medical condition which causes it, hair fall is one of the most common problems most of us face today. Although it is completely normal to lose about 25-50 strands of hair daily, sometimes you could even go through a severe and rapid hair loss which might make you worried. Keep reading to find out how you can reduce hair fall and promote hair growth.

1. Consume a well-balanced diet- Eating healthy food enriched in vitamins and minerals are vital for healthy hair. Precisely, vitamins A and B12 is very useful for hair growth. Include dairy products, nuts, green vegetables, cabbage, and other biotin-rich foods in your diet to get rid of hair fall.

2. Maintain good hair hygiene- Shampoo regularly and make it a habit to wash your hair thrice a week to keep your hair and scalp clean. Maintaining hygienic hair and scalp can help lower your risk of infections and dandruff that could lead to hair loss or breakage.

3. Be gentle- Refrain from using hot water to wash your hair. It can strip your hair and activate your oil-producing glands to cause hair damage. Opt for tepid or lukewarm water which will not only dilute your oil glands’ secretions but also improve blood circulation and help you get rid of dirt. Finish it with a cold shower to make your hair appear shiny and smooth. More importantly, avoid brushing your hair when it is wet.

4. Make some lifestyle changes- Quit smoking, exercise regularly and de-stress yourself to balance your hormonal levels and reduce stress levels to reduce hair fall.

5. Take care of your health & treat underlying conditions, if any- Find out what’s causing your hair fall- if it is an infection or chronic illness and get appropriate treatment. This will not only improve your overall health but also ensure healthy hair. Also, find out if any medications are giving you hair fall as a side effect. Consult your doctor or dermatologist and discuss this.

6. Be Natural, keep away unwanted chemicals & styling products- Try to avoid artificial chemicals and harsh hair color products which can cause a great deal of damage to your hair. Reduce the frequency of using such products or hair treatments and styling tools.

Hair Loss
Stress and lifestyle factors affect hair loss, especially in women, according to a new study. Reuters