“90 Day Fiancé” Season 6, episode 4 will be filled with confrontation and heartbreak. When viewers tune into the Sunday night episode, they will see couples like Fernanda and Jonathan argue as other cast members like Kalani and Asuelu try to work through their issues.

When “I Know What You Did” premieres, some couples will face difficult decisions, while others are pushed to their breaking points.

“Leida’s family arrives in NYC,” the synopsis for the reality series teases. In the promo that aired on TLC, Leida and Eric were seen arriving at his apartment, where she made it clear she wasn’t happy about his living arrangement.

Eric previously revealed he was concerned Leida, who grew up in a wealthy family, wouldn’t be able to adjust to his middle-class lifestyle, and from the looks of the promo, he was right to worry. In the preview, Leida is seen crying as she tells Eric she doesn’t feel at home and wants to return to Indonesia. Could this be the end for Eric and Leida?

They aren’t the only couple having issues. Spoilers reveal Fernanda and Jonathan will have a fight at the club. In the “90 Day Fiancé” Season 6, episode 4 promo video, Fernanda is seen throwing a drink in the face of a woman who is dancing with Jonathan.

The two are then seen fighting outside of the nightclub, where Fernanda tells Jonathan he doesn’t understand what it is like to be alone in a different country. Fernanda previously revealed she missed Mexico but loved Jonathan enough to move to the United States. Will the incident at the nightclub make Fernanda reconsider her decision?

“Ashley’s friends throw a party for Jay,” the synopsis for “I Know What You Did” says. In the promo video for the TLC series, Jay has a tense conversation with one of Ashley’s friends, who accused him of cheating. Jay previously revealed he was worried the friend would come in between them and it looks like he may try to stop her from stirring up any more trouble.

Elsewhere in the promo video, Asuelu tells Kolini he wants to prove himself. However, she reveals she hates him because he cheated on Kalani. “Asuelu tells his side of the story to Kolini,” the synopsis states.

Asuelu didn’t receive a warm welcome from Kalani’s family when he first arrived in America, but it appears he will make an effort to reach out to Kolini. Although he will have Kalani there to support him, will Asuelu be able to get through to Kolini?

“Larissa clashes with Debbie,” the “90 Day Fiancé” synopsis reveals. In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Larissa goes shopping with Colt’s mother but becomes annoyed when Debbie refuses to let her buy an expensive couch.

Debbie explains that she and Colt have a joint checking account and she won’t spend his money without his permission. Will the ladies be able to reach a compromise or will Debbie stand by her decision?

Later on in the promo, Steven become anxious after learning he may not be allowed in the delivery room when Olga gives birth to their son. “Olga feels contractions and gets unexpected news,” the synopsis teases.

In the previous episode, Steven learned the hospitals in Russia don’t allow men in the delivery room unless they get special permission from the doctor. Steven traveled all the way from America to be by Olga’s side when she delivers their son, but will he be stuck in the waiting room on the day of his baby’s birth?

“90 Day Fiancé” Season 6, episode 4 will air Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.