You can basically do anything on TikTok, and no one will even try to stop you.

Videos that are uploaded and shared on the ByteDance-owned social networking service pile up like pancakes everyday. Some are left to be forgotten, but there are also those that become viral, or the proverbial Internet sensation.

Tank is a bull terrier from Mississippi whose 22-second TikTok video became an instant hit. It was, according to the New York Post, uploaded by user @braydenbushaw with the caption, “This dog is broken.”

Bull Terrier
In this photo, an English Bull Terrier pulls on its leash as it is led on the third day of the Crufts dog show at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, England, March 7, 2015. Getty Images/ Carl Court

In the video, Tank's owner can be heard saying, “Wanna go downstairs?” While both were on top of a flight of stairs, Tank agreed to let the world see what he does best.

At first, the dog ran down. While he was almost at the bottom, he changed his mind and scampered back up. He briefly disappeared inside a room and, with quick burst, ran and threw himself down with a couple of thuds in the process.

“His new trick was running up and down the stairs. Our house is two stories, and we just don't go up there much,” Tank's owner told Newsflare, adding dog “just decided to go airborne for no reason.

Tank's daredevil stunt notched more than four million views and around 80,000 comments, most of which are hilarious.