Ever since Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's baby girl was born, on Nov. 16, morphed photographs of the mother and her daughter have been circulating on the Internet. Now Amitabh Bachchan has, in order to put an end to the incessant morphing, posted the photograph from which the supposed original was created on his Twitter account.

Amitabh had, earlier, tweeted that: it was too private and personal a matter, so no photographs were being posted.

Along with the photograph, Amitabh has tweeted: Many claim that they have the picture of the baby from the net .. Ladies and gentlemen let me present you some follies ...This the picture that is being circulated .. a fake and morphed. and this is the original from where it was morphed .. my team did a stupendous job in finding it

People asking now why am I talking about this. Its to show how brilliantly the team of my fans club, found out the original ! his tweet added.

In an earlier statement, Amitabh had expressed his displeasure over the issue, stating it was wrong to circulate such photographs as it was a personal matter for the family.