Women who drink alcohol regularly are at a greater risk of breast cancer, repeated research has shown. It shows that alcohol reduces a person's immunity against fighting the cancer cells, and it leads to cancer developing in the milk producing glands that are connected to the ducts carrying milk to the nipple. Studies have shown that high estrogen levels are the main cause of cancer developing in the breasts, and alcohol raises the estrogen levels in a woman's body.

One out of every three women is under the threat of breast cancer. According to health experts you can actually prevent breast cancer easily by clocking in regular exercise. If you can sweat it out anywhere between 30 to 180 minutes every week, you are less likely to get this serious form of cancer. The reason is that regular exercise can keep your ovaries healthy, which reduce the chances of breast cancer. Physicians also suggest quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol. They advice maintaining a healthy diet with reduced fat, white meat, fish, and eating at least five helpings of fruits, vegetables or fruit juices each day. The report says that being overweight also reduces your immunity towards breast cancer. According to American Cancer Society, women who had children before the age of 30 are at a lower risk. Studies have also proven that postmenopausal oestrogen-replacement therapy with a combination of oestrogen and progesterone raises breast cancer risk. So if you are on those drugs, be sure to discuss breast cancer risks with your physician, and consider alternate medicines to control menopausal symptoms.

In actual cases prescription medicines can prevent breast cancer; however they can have side effects. American Cancer Society suggests doing regular self examination. According to Dr Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, breast cancer screening saves lives and women aged 40 and above should get a high quality mammogram and clinical breast exam on an annual basis.