• A UFO expert claims the Popocatepetly Volcano eruption revealed an alien structure
  • The alleged alien structure has a massive doorway
  • The expert believes the doorway leads to an underground base

A UFO expert claimed that a volcano eruption in Mexico revealed a massive alien structure. According to the expert, the structure had a large doorway that could possibly lead to an underground alien base.

The alleged structure was spotted by Scott Waring of the UFO-centered blog ET Data Base. He came across it after viewing the live streaming footage of the Popocatepetl Volcano in Central Mexico.

The Popocatepetl Volcano has been very active recently. Last week, the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center in Washington reported emitted a large volcanic ash plume that reached heights of up to 22,000 feet.

As the volcano continued to produce large clouds of smoke and ash, Waring noted that he decided to watch live videos of the volcanic activity in the hopes of finding a UFO flying nearby. But, as he was watching the videos, he saw a massive structure near the base of the volcano.

According to Waring, the structure, which also had a massive doorway, became visible after it was hit by sunlight.

“I was watching the live cam to see if I could catch a UFO shooting around or into it again,” he wrote on a blog post. “I've recorded over a dozen objects on this cam and thought I might have some luck today. I did...but instead of a flying object I, found a giant structure hundreds of meters tall. It had a square doorway that was close to 60 meters across! The structure was not there and then the sun hit it perfectly and there it was!”

Due to the placement of the alleged structure, Waring speculated that its doorway most likely leads to an alien base that was constructed underground or beneath the volcano.

Since Waring already had numerous UFO sightings near volcanoes, he strongly believes that alien life forms reside near these natural structures. He also believes that they may have something to do with the eruptions.

“I swear this looks like a giant entrance into an underground alien,” he stated. “A base I have been talking about for almost ten years. If so...then we found an easy way to get to that base.”