• A mysterious bright orb was spotted flying in Arizona
  • The object started dropping smaller orbs as it flew upwards
  • A UFO expert claims the object is an alien vessel

Videos captured by eyewitnesses show a bright orb producing smaller glowing objects as it flew horizontally in the sky. According to a UFO expert, the orb could be an alien vessel that was deploying patrol drones.

Footages of the mysterious object were captured by residents of Mesa, Arizona on Dec. 8. Eyewitnesses told the ABC15 news network that the bright orb began to appear at around 9:00 pm. According to DJ Maier and Kerri Burnett, a couple from Mesa, they saw the object outside their home.

At first, the bright orb hovered silently. Then, as it started moving upwards, smaller bright orbs started dropping from it.

“It was pretty bright, it was about straight up over here, and it went straight that way, stopped, and it didn't seem like it was too far,” Burnett said. “It started moving kind of diagonal across, I was trying to figure out which way it was heading, and that's when we noticed it started dropping things from it.”

As seen in the video, the main orb started dropping the smaller ones rapidly as it flew upwards and eventually disappeared from view. Based on the footage, the orb did not seem to follow a distinct pattern when it dropped the smaller orbs. Instead, the smaller objects dropped continuously from the object as if they fell out of an opened hatch.

It is not yet clear that the object could be. Officials from the Army National Guard, Federal Aviation Administration and Luke Air Force Base are still investigating the matter.

However, Scott Waring of ET Data Base claimed that the bright orb was an actual alien vessel flying over Mesa. The smaller orbs that came from it were patrol drones that will carry out reconnaissance operations in different areas. Waring noted that these operations can last for weeks.

“An orb was recorded at night glowing and producing smaller orbs below it,” he stated on a blog post. “These kinds of orbs create smaller orbs that will patrol and spread out for weeks or months on end until the mother orb comes to pick them up.”

A photograph of a screen shows infra-red video of taken from a Mexican Air Force patrol aircraft of 7 bright objects flying over the eastern coastal state of Campeche on March 25, 2004. REUTERS