A UFO expert claimed that an alien vessel was spotted flying over an active volcano in Mexico. According to the UFO expert, the vessel came from a base located underneath the volcano.

The video of the strange object flying over the Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico was shared by the YouTube channel Vic. Based on the quality of the clip, it seems the video was taken to primarily monitor the volcano’s activities.

The strange object begins to appear over the volcano at around to 10-second mark of the video. After a couple of seconds, the object begins to appear brighter before flying away from the volcano. As the object zips away, a faint trail can be seen behind it. The object almost looks like a meteor until it started to move upwards away from the volcano.

According to Scott Waring of ET Data Base, the object was a UFO that may have come from an underground alien facility.

“This UFO was caught on live cam and just appeared out of nowhere directly above the mouth of the volcano and then began to shoot away at high speed,” Waring wrote in a blog post. “The UFO seems to have been transported from below the volcano where an underground base site at 5-6km below the base of the volcano. The UFO was then materialized above the volcano, where they began to leave.”

Interestingly, following the alleged UFO sighting, the volcano began to shows signs of activity. According to Volcano Discovery, a total of six explosions from the volcano were recorded within the last couple of days. The site noted that two of these were moderate while the other four were only minor explosions.

Aside from the explosions, plumes of smoke were also spotted rising from the volcano. On Nov. 5, it was reported that the volcanic ash plume produced by the volcano reached a height of about 21,000 feet.

Popocatépetl is a massive volcano with a wide base that crosses various states including central Mexico, Morelos and Puebla. With a height of 5,426 meters, Popocatépetl is known as the second-highest volcano in North America.