Amanda Cummings, a teenager who may have committed suicide due to bullying, is still mocked after her death via her memorial Facebook page.

As of Friday morning, the R.I.P. Amanda Cummings Facebook page contains obscene and mocking images, videos and comments; some of them made fun of her for fatally jumping in front of a bus.

Most of the comments on the page, however, were sympathetic towards Cummings and against those who are insulting her.

I hope all of you posting the bus pictures are having fun because I will sit here all day if I have to and report every single one of you! wrote Ashley Green on the Facebook page.

People are sick, ignoring them removes all power from them. Keep your head up and let time heal this horrible wound. RIP, wrote Derek Fernandez.

What a horrible tragedy!!! RIP Amanda. May your family find comfort and peace in memories of you, wrote Natalie Ventura-Larcom.

Even though I may not have known you, I hope that your family and friends are doing alright, same to you, wrote Riki Angle.

Cummings, just 15 years old and a student at New Dorp High School in Staten Island, jumped in front of a bus two days after Christmas last year. At the time of the event, she carried a suicide note in her pocket. On Monday, she died from the injuries sustained in the bus collision.

Her uncle told NBC New York that she was bullied in school. The bullies allegedly mocked her and took her phone, shoes and her jacket. One bully allegedly pulled a knife on her.

The New York Times reported that police are investigating whether bullying was a factor in the suicide. So far, no conclusion has been made.

(Image below from the R.I.P. Amanda Cummings Facebook page)