Amazing Race
Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, pictured with "Amazing Race" host Phil Keoghan after winning $1 Million, have revealed what could be next for them. CBS

They've officially already won $1 million after being the first ones to cross the finish line of Season 30 of "The Amazing Race." However, fans of Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson could expect to see at least one of them completing the CBS competition series trifecta in the future.

In a post-win interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jessica and Cody discussed their win and the experience they had on "The Amazing Race," and Jessica admitted that she'd love to see her new fiance take his skill set to the one show neither of them has competed on-- "Survivor."

"I want [Cody] to," she said when asked about competing on the show. "I think his cyborg mode would come in handy on 'Survivor.'"

However, Cody expressed a reason why he wasn't keen on the idea, though Jessica admitted why she was motivated for him to compete.

"The issue is being away from Jess. It's like a 45-day experience, and I don't want to be away from Jessica that long," Cody said.

"And I want him to bring home another million dollars," Jessica added.

Since their win, which has been criticized by some fans of the show who felt it wasn't fair that Cody completed the majority of their Roadblock tasks, the two have also defended how they played the game, with Cody also telling Parade Magazine how Jessica was actually more of a help than their critics realized, because of how their partnership was balanced out. The two expressed that one example that showed it was when Cody ran into trouble with a task in Zimbabwe, and he began to stress. Instead of Jessica also stressing out, she attempted to calm him down instead.

"Jessica's clutch whenever she needs to be," Cody said.

"I think it's important as a couple when one person sees the other getting frustrated that the other stays level-headed," Jessica added. "I think that's a really great quality that we have. When he sees I'm getting frustrated and hotheaded, he stays calm and vice versa. That's why you saw a lot of teams arguing; once one person got frustrated, the other person got frustrated. It hindered their ability to move past things."