Spoiler Alert: The ending of Season 30, episode 8, "It's Just A Million Dollars, No Pressure" is discussed below.

Season 30 of "The Amazing Race" came to a close on Wednesday night, and fans who were already upset in Season 29 when Scott Flanary and Brooke Camhi won were doubly disappointed this time around, after Team Big Brother, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, managed to cross the finish line first and win $1 million.

While several fans of the show were ecstatic about the pair's win, with many taking to social media to call it retribution for their loss on "Big Brother," others took to social media in droves to express anger over the results.

Many expressed issue with the fact that unlike the other teams, Cody and Jessica had not evenly distributed their Roadblock tasks throughout the race. Whereas Team Extreme's Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak and Team Yale's Evan Lynyak and Henry Zhang had distributed their nine roadblocks throughout the race where one team member had completed four and the other had completed five, Cody and Jessica's distribution saw him completing six tasks, while she completed three.

Prior to the final leg, which consisted of two roadblocks, forcing teams to take turns on them, Jessica had only done the Roadblocks in Leg 2 in Belgium, which involved climbing a ladder on a ride to retrieve her clue, running through the streets of Morocco in Leg 3 to find a Travelocity gnome, and answering phones to piece together a Franz Kafka quote in Leg 6 in Prague.

By comparison, Cody had completed a driving Roadblock in Iceland, a sailing Roadblock in France, built a medieval contraption in France, ate scorpions in Thailand, smashed electronics in Hong Kong and scaled a building during the final leg in San Francisco. Jessica then had to complete the final task of a memory challenge that included assembling a small airplane.

Though she did complete the task that won them the entire race on her own, the fact that Cody did most of the work prior to that had some fans calling for the show to make sure they reinstate the rule where Roadblocks had to be distributed equally throughout the race.

The unequal distribution of Roadblocks, which made fans upset about their win, is reminiscent of the anger many fans felt at the end of Season 29, when Brooke and Scott managed to win, despite Brooke complaining throughout most of the Race, often stating that she could not do many of the tasks. Though she and Scott had distributed things evenly, with her completing five Roadblocks throughout the Race and Scott completing six, Brooke's complaints being rewarded with the $1 million win led to some fans threatening to boycott the show's 30th season.

"Amazing Race" has yet to be renewed for Season 31, and a decision by CBS likely won't be announced until late spring or early summer, when the networks often release their decisions on the shows they are canceling or renewing, which means fans likely won't know if Cody and Jessica will be the last ever winners for a few months. However, the ratings for the current season were on average slightly better than the ones for Season 29, which means there is a better chance CBS will bring the show back again in 2019.

Do you think it was unfair that Jessica and Cody won Season 30 of "The Amazing Race?" Let us know in the comments below.

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Fans don't think Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson should have won Season 30 of "The Amazing Race" after they did not equally distribute their Roadblock tasks. Here, they are pictured during the Penultimate leg in Hong Kong. CBS