Amid the growing drama surrounding Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's divorce, rumors surfaced that the actress cheated on her former husband with Billy Bob Thornton. However, Thornton told TMZ that the allegation was "completely false."

On Monday, TMZ was able to obtain photos from an incident in March 2015, during which Heard and Depp were said to have got into a heated argument. The report states that in a fit of rage, Depp lopped of his finger tip, then allegedly dipped the bleeding finger in a container of dark blue paint and wrote “Billy Bob” and “Easy Amber” on a mirror in an Australian villa they were sharing at the time. The report added that Depp accused his wife of cheating on him with Thornton.

Late on Monday, the 61-year-old actor responded to the alleged accusation, saying other than a cast dinner, he never socialized with Heard off set, TMZ reported. He also stated he didn't hang around with her even at the sets. He was mostly around members of the crew, and didn't even have a friendly relationship with the actress. The two only shared a professional relationship on the sets, TMZ reported, citing Thornton.

Thornton, who is married to Connie Angland since 2014, added that he spoke to his wife about the alleged allegations and assured her it was Depp's fantasy.

On Aug. 12, TMZ obtained a video of a heated fight between Heard and Depp that showed the Kentucky-born actor yelling for an unknown reason. Heard and her legal team have been accused of leaking the video for their own personal gain, but they continue to deny those claims. The 30-year-old actress alleges that Depp was drunk and high on ecstasy when the incident occurred.

After being married to Depp for 15 months, Heard and the “Alice Through the Looking Glass” star are fighting legal battles surrounding their divorce. Several reports have surfaced about their feud, including some claiming that Heard, who has accused Depp of abuse, is after his money.

While the legal battle between the estranged couple continues, Heard has recently been surrounded by rumors that she is dating Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.