• Amber Heard shared a new video in which she thanked her fans for their support
  • The "Aquaman" star also apologized for the "death threats" they may have received for supporting her
  • Fans showered Heard with love and praise, while some insisted it was the actress' supporters who bullied others

Amber Heard is thankful to the fans who continue to support her amid her ongoing legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

On Thursday, the "Aquaman" star shared a new video on Instagram of her sitting at the beach in a floral dress. In the clip, Heard, 34, expressed her gratitude to her supporters and apologized for any online abuse they may have encountered while defending her.

"I just wanna say, thank you so much to all of my online supporters, my fans," she said as she crawled because the camera moved away from her. "Thank you so much for everything that you do to support me. I know it ain't easy sometimes, but I appreciate it."

Heard continued in a stage whisper, "But also, sorry for the death threats," before adding, "Thank you, I love you!"

"A message to my fans. I (heart emoji) you!" she captioned the post.

Some of Heard's supporters have claimed that they received death threats for posting about the actress.

"in the past day i have received more death threats and vile hatred for posting support for amber heard than i have ever received for posting about my zionism or jewish identity. and *that* is saying something," Eve Barlow tweeted earlier this month.

Social media users appeared to have mixed reactions to Heard’s latest post. Some claimed that it was the actress' fans who have hurled abuse at those criticizing her.

"'sorry for the death threats,'" a Johnny Depp supporter tweeted. "What death threats? I haven't seen any towards her so called fans. However I have seen them towards us. Amber Heard fans calling us a waste of oxygen, we should die and countless more threats."

"The pathological liar, manipulator and gas lighter #AmberHeard flatters her supporters on Insta. She also wanted to mention 'death threats.' She has no insight into herself and she has no understanding of what she has done. She is extremely immature. Scary immature," a second user added.

"I wonder with her teeth like that if that's the way she looked when she was angry with Johnny and before she started hitting him. And she's thanking her supporters and fans for death threats against Johnny and us his fans? So she's admitting she made them make death threats? Wow, she really tells on herself always..." a fan of Depp commented on Heard's video uploaded on YouTube.

However, Heard’s fans appreciated her message for them and showered her with love in return.

"'Thank you so much my fans for every thing you do for me. I know it's ain't easy, sorry for the death threats. I love you' - @realamberheard the way she sees us and apologizes for all the hatred the depp community sends... she is literally the best person, my heart is full," one fan wrote.

"6 years of loving & supporting amber heard has been so so worth it! the death threats, the constant harassment from trolls and the dog piling has all been worth it getting to watch this amazing woman grow & thrive <3 i love you forever @realamberheard," a second supporter added.

"You are a sunshine!! We love you so much!! You help us more than we help you," a third user wrote.

Heard and Depp have been waging a legal battle through various lawsuits since she filed for divorce in May 2016. Both stars have denied each other's allegations of domestic violence.

'It has been incredibly painful to relive the breakup of my relationship,' Amber Heard told reporters outside court
'It has been incredibly painful to relive the breakup of my relationship,' Amber Heard told reporters outside court AFP / Niklas HALLE'N