• Amber Heard hired a private investigator to dig up some dirt on Johnny Depp 
  • Amber Heard's private investigator did not find any evidence or witness against Johnny Depp
  • Amber Heard could face three years of imprisonment if found guilty of faking evidence against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard hired a private investigator to dig up some dirt on Johnny Depp, but the agent couldn’t find any.

Paul Barresi stepped out and claimed that Heard’s legal team hired him to find people who had been verbally or physically abused by Depp to be star witnesses against the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor. He interviewed over 100 people across the U.S. and the U.K. who worked with Depp three decades ago but couldn’t find one who could stand as witness against the actor.

“Amber's lawyers contacted me and said you're the right man for this job, that's how they brought me in. She was emotionally spent and battered and tormented - it was a volatile relationship,” Barresi told DailyMail.

“I went to the US, France, Italy, Britain, everywhere that Johnny Depp roamed, everywhere he walked, I couldn't find one instance, or at least an admitted one, where he was physically abusive to a woman, smacked or beaten around, he's like an angel. Not one who said a deprecating thing. I interviewed dozens of people, who knew him going as far back as three decades ago, and nobody had one bad thing to say about him. In fact, they couldn't say enough about his ever flowing outpouring of generosity and tender heart.”

Barresi emailed the publication the various compliments that the people were saying about Depp. Jane Galli, who worked with Depp in the past, described him as a “real sweetie.” Meanwhile, Brad Furman, the director of “City of Lies,” said Depp was a “true professional and wonderful human.”

Several celebrities stood by Depp in the past. “Avengers” star Paul Bettany who worked with Depp in several movies, described him as the “sweetest, kindest gentlest man” he has ever known.

J.K. Rowling also showed her support to Depp by casting him in her film “Fantastic Beasts.” The “Harry Potter” author was mocked and criticized online after saying that she was “genuinely happy” to welcome Depp into the production. Depp’s exes also spoke up and none of them experienced any abuse or violence when they were with him.

Heard’s spokesperson said that Barresi is no longer involved in her team. They let him go last year because according to the spokesperson, “his account is entirely inconsistent with the testimony of multiple witnesses.”

Meanwhile, Heard could face three years of imprisonment if she’s found guilty of faking evidence against Depp. A witness who claimed to have workd with the “Aquaman” star during the days she alleged that Depp physically assaulted her said she had no bruises or injuries at the time.

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp
“London Fields,” the movie that supposedly ended Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage, is set to be released before the end of the year. Getty Images/Ian Gavan