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What young witch will Fiona feel threatened by in episode 3 of "American Horror Story: Coven"? Michele K. Short/FX


Ready for some “American Horror Story” speculation? The FX miniseries is currently two episodes in and has viewers completely under its spell. With so much naughty, witchy goodness going on, we’re already brewing some theories on Fiona and who the next Supreme witch could be.

As “Coven” fans already know, in each generation there is a “Supreme” -- the strongest witch that encompasses multiple powers. In the premiere, “Bitchcraft,” we learned that Fiona is the most powerful witch of her generation and has magical abilities like moving things with her hands, starting fires, erasing memories and draining the life of someone through a kiss.

The twist? There can be only one Supreme, which means that one of the young girls we met -- Zoe, Madison, Nan or Queenie -- is the next Supreme … and in danger.

“Who is going to take Fiona’s throne?” “American Horror Story” co-creator Ryan Murphy teased TV Line. “We really don’t find out until Episode 12 who that is.”

But while viewers won’t find out the identity of the Supreme, Fiona will be busy throughout the whole season of “Coven” trying to uncover who the threat to her magical throne is.

“She kills one of them in Episode 3,” Murphy dished. “Fiona thinks she’s found out who the Supreme is, and that person gets killed. She’s not giving up that throne, no way.”

So, who will be Fiona’s victim? And who will be the next Supreme?

The Episode 3 Death

After getting our hands on the synopsis for episode 3 our theory is that Madison won’t make it out of the episode alive. A flashback will reveal what Fiona had to do in 1971 to get the title of Supreme, and in “The Replacements” Fiona will “recognize something of her own history in Madison.”

We definitely see the same diva behavior and struggle for power in both Fiona and Madison. But whatever Fiona sees in the young witch will lead her to mentor the girl “in her own blunt way.”

It’s important to note that Madison is visibly absent from the synopsis for episode 4, “Fearful Pranks Ensue.” But does that mean Madison is gone for good? With Misty Day’s power of resurrection floating around we have a feeling that no one will stay dead for long.

The Next Supreme

It’s obvious that Fiona is obsessed with power and wants to retain it. Part of her way of ensuring that happens is by staying young -- forever. While she has multiple powers as the Supreme, none of them can make her live for eternity … which is why she has dug up Madame LaLaurie and threatened Marie Laveau for the secret elixir.

If Fiona lives forever she can be the Supreme witch forever. But until that happens, Fiona is forced to be on the lookout for the next witch who could take over her throne. And our theory at IBTimes is that witch in question is none other than Zoe.

Zoe hasn’t really had the ability to learn about her powers at Miss Robichaux’s Academy yet. Instead she’s been tied up in some trouble with Madison and the frat boys.

In the premiere, Zoe’s power was revealed to be that she can kill someone by having sex with them. But it’s now being speculated that she also has the power to bring people back from the dead. So, how did that rumor start? It’s all thanks to Franken-Kyle.

During episode 2, “Boy Parts,” Madison and Zoe tried to perform a spell that would bring Kyle back from the dead (with a few body parts that are not his). However when the spell ended Kyle didn’t wake up. Madison ended up leaving while Zoe stayed behind to say a proper goodbye in which she kissed him on the lips. A few minutes later he woke up, leading the idea that Zoe can not only take a life, but also give life.

To further fuel speculation of Zoe’s potential strength of power is Fiona’s bashing of the young witch. Viewers will remember that Fiona called her weak after Zoe opened her mouth to the cops about witchcraft. Fiona’s harsh words for the witch could have been her way of breaking Zoe down and making her feel self-conscious and afraid.

If Zoe continues to exhibit different powers, it would appear as if she’s the next Supreme in line … which means she should definitely steer clear of Fiona.

Episode 3 of “American Horror Story: Coven” airs on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 10 p.m.

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