American Horror Story
Hank in episode 7, "The Axeman Cometh." FX

“American Horror Story” is set to introduce the season 3 big bad (i.e. “Rubber Man” in season 1 and “Bloody Face” in season 2) in episode 6, “The Axeman Cometh” … but does Miss Robichaux’s Academy already have a villain walking the halls?

After watching Fiona kill Madison and frame Myrtle, the Supreme seems like the obvious answer for the villain. However a leaked synopsis from episode 6 has us suspicious about someone else – Cordelia’s husband, Hank.

According to the plot details, Marie Laveau will make an alliance with “somebody unexpected.” That somebody could range from the mysterious Misty Day, Spalding or even the freshly resurrected Myrtle. However a small spoiler from TV Guide leads us to believe that all fingers are pointing at Hank.

“There’s a mole inside the coven who’s actually a witch hunter,” the site revealed. “We’ll learn his or her identity this week, but we already got a big clue as to whom is betraying the coven. Said person has already taken the life of a witch.”

So far only three known witches have been “killed” in present day – Misty Day, Madison and Myrtle. Misty Day used her powers to bring herself back to life and she ended up doing the same for Myrtle. Since we know that Fiona won’t be teaming up with Marie Laveau anytime soon, it’s important to look at other murders that occurred on the show … like the red headed woman that Hank had an affair with at a hotel.

We know that Hank met the woman online in a Thomas Kinkade chat room and met up with her in a hotel while out of town for “work.” The woman had no idea that Hank was married and the pair had sex … with Hank shooting her in the head after.

It’s possible that the mysterious (and very dead) woman was a witch that Hank tracked down before the Coven could – or Cordelia discovered her and Hank got to her first.

It appears as if Cordelia may have caught onto Hank’s secret at the end of episode 5 thanks to her damaged vision from the acid attack. Her loss of eyesight granted her a new power, one that allows her to truly “see” someone with the slightest touch. When Hank touched Cordelia in episode 5 she was able to witness Hank having sex with the girl and then killing her. It’s possible that Cordelia may kick Hank out … leading him to turn to Marie Laveau.

What do you think Hank is up to? Do you think he’s actually a witch hunter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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