The final episode of “American Idol” Season 20 is finally here, and with it will come a new winner. The question is, which of the three finalists will fans crown as the new reigning champ?

With the final three all extraordinarily talented, the competition could go any way. However, here’s how we think things will play out.

Leah Marlene-3rd

Leah Marlene American Idol
Leah Marlene is pictured on an episode of "American idol" Season 20. ABC/Eric McCandless

While Leah Marlene has been a truly steady and refreshing performer on the show (unlike her fellow finalists she isn’t a country singer), the girl who came into the competition originally proclaiming that she was a “weirdo” from Normal, Illinois likely won’t be able to take the crown as “American Idol’s” champ. The show traditionally has seen male singers win the title over female ones most often, with 12 of the 19 former champs all being men, and while she has a solid amount of average Youtube video views and social media followers, she tends to lag behind her fellow two finalists in those categories. If those social media follows and views translate to similar numbers in votes, she won’t be able to touch the other two, landing her in a solid 3rd place.


HunterGirl American Idol
HunterGirl is pictured during an episode of "American Idol" Season 20. ABC/Eric McCandless

While she could pull an upset, like Leah, HunterGirl may not be able to quite match up to the same fervent fan base as the last finalist. Though a favorite from the beginning, and a country performer who would mark the second female country artist to win (the first was Carrie Underwood in Season 4), she does have history working against her. She also has a lower average of Youtube views compared to the other two finalists, as well as fewer Twitter followers, though she does a higher number of followers on Instagram. While she could have some chance at winning, she isn’t the most obvious frontrunner.

Noah Thompson-WINNER

Noah Thompson American Idol
Noah Thompson is pictured during an episode of "American Idol" season 20. ABC/Eric McCandless

When it comes to all the things that make for a successful and marketable winner, Noah is the one to beat. Not only does he have the voice, charm and looks that have helped propel several country stars, like “Idol” judge Luke Bryan, to fame, but the show’s history of fans choosing male winners is on his side—as is his impressive fan base. He has a solid number of followers on his platforms, the most followers on Twitter, and beats both HunterGirl and Leah Marlene when it comes to average Youtube video views. He is the most likely winner.

The “American Idol” Season 20 finale airs Sunday, May 22 at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.