A 71-year-old American man living in the Philippines has been arrested for allegedly murdering his 48-year-old girlfriend and placing her body inside a water drum.

William Thomas Worth was taken into custody after the woman's bloated, decomposing body was discovered inside the couple's home just outside Manila.

Police officers arrived at the house in Bacoor City on Tuesday after the victim's son, Nino Jay Loslos, 21, reported his mother, Mila Loslos, missing.

Nino Jay told cops he hadn't heard from his mother for four days. When he went home to check on her, he found Worth in the house but no sign of his mother, the New York Post reported.

The son asked Worth where his mother was, and the latter allegedly replied that he did not know.

Nino Jay grew suspicious when he sensed a foul odor coming from inside the house. He went to the police afterward, informing them about his missing mother.

The police then arrived at the house and discovered Mila's decomposing body. Officers also found Worth at the residence and noticed that his body had several wounds.

Mila and Worth, who had been living together in the Philippines, had an argument before her death, according to details from the preliminary investigation.

Worth believed his girlfriend was single but later found out that Mila had a husband and a child. This led to an altercation between them.

The girlfriend slipped and struck her head during the argument. Worth then allegedly strangled her to death. Worth stuffed her body into a garbage bag and sealed it with duct tape before placing it inside the water drum.

"Based on our assessment, the victim has been dead for two to three days," Bacoor City police chief Ruther Saquilayan told the Manila Bulletin.

Mila's cause of death is yet to be determined.

Investigators searched the house and found three knives and some nylon rope.

Worth was taken into custody on suspicion of murder.

A U.S. embassy spokesperson in Manila reportedly told AFP that they could not provide details about the case.

"We are aware of this case. Due to U.S. Privacy Act considerations, we cannot provide any further information," the spokesperson said.

Representation. A police line. hunt-er/Pixabay