A 36-year-old man was arrested after his mother's decomposing body was found inside a Florida home.

The deceased woman was identified as 55-year-old Layni Carver, whose remains were starting to "bloat, with marbled skin, and apparent skin slippage" inside the Punta Gorda residence.

After a concerned friend told authorities about Layni's phone going to voicemail for days, deputies from the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office conducted a well-being check at the address Friday just before 5 p.m., according to the New York Post.

Deputies knocked on the door multiple times, but nobody answered. They began investigating the property and noticed a foul odor coming from inside the house and "multiple flies" on one door, the officials said.

The lead deputy, identified as Deputy First Class (DFC) Sganga, then reportedly looked through a window and saw the deceased woman's son, Justin Carver, inside the residence, according to Law & Crime.

Justin responded to a tap on the window by quickly getting out of bed and walking out the eastern door.

The man "eventually stepped outside, immediately locking the door behind him. Deputies noticed Carver's evasive behavior and began to question him about the well-being of the victim," the sheriff's office wrote in a statement. "Once inside the home, deputies were able to locate the victim in a stage of decomposition on the floor of one of the bedrooms."

The deceased mother was found in the corner of the bedroom between the bed and wall.

"As the deceased was beyond life-saving measures, DFC Sganga immediately exited the residence and detained Justin," the probable cause affidavit stated.

Deputies soon learned that Justin was not supposed to be in the house because his mother had filed a no-contact order against her son weeks before she was found dead.

When Justin claimed he found his mother dead two days prior, he was asked by deputies about why he didn't do anything about his mother's decaying body.

"Justin was asked why he did not notify law enforcement, after finding the deceased, and he stated, 'I don't know,' and proceeded to shrug his shoulders and look down at the ground," read the affidavit.

The son was arrested Friday and charged with failing to report a death to the medical examiner and resisting an officer without violence, the sheriff's office said.

Investigators are still waiting to determine the mother's exact cause of death and whether Justin had any involvement.

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