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  • A Cohasset coffee shop worker said murder victim Ana Walshe was "quiet" and her husband was a "creep"
  • The landlord of Walshe's family home said the suspect hardly spoke to him
  • A pizza house owner said she hadn't met any customers who had relationships with the couple

Brian Walshe, the suspect in killing and dismembering his wife Ana Walshe, was described as a "creep" by their neighbors, as the small town of Cohasset in Massachusetts is still reeling from the incident.

Marykate Armstrong, who works at a coffee shop near the couple's home, told Law & Crime that she found the news of Ana's murder "strange."

Armstrong said the couple visited the Pour Coffee and Bagel before the murder happened while recalling her experience with them.

"She was always quiet," Armstrong said about Ana. "I remember seeing her walk through here once, but this was a long time ago, like months ago."

But Armstrong has found the victim's husband as a "creep."

"I just remember her being quiet. He just kind of looked like a creep," Armstrong said.

Walshe's landlord told Law & Crime that the suspect hardly spoke to him, but he noted that he never noticed something different when meeting with Bryan.

Sarah Geddes, who owned Cohasset Pizza House, where the suspect was a regular customer, suggested that the couple had no friends among their neighbors, describing it as "strange."

Geddes explained that she had not met any customers who had relationships with the Walshe couple, even though they lived in the town "for about two or three years."

The murder case rattled the entire town of Cohasset, which has a population of 9,000 people.

Geddes said one can count on one hand "how many times big events have happened" going back to the 1960s, adding that "nothing newsworthy really happens."

Cohasset residents' revelations about the couple came after the suspect reportedly used his son's iPad to search about disposing of a corpse and decomposition.

During Walshe's court appearance last week, prosecutors revealed the suspect's search history, noting that Walshe searched about "how to stop a body from decomposing" and "dismemberment and the best ways to dispose of a body."

Norfolk Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland said Walshe also searched about whether a person can be charged with murder without finding the victim's body.

Prosecutors have also presented to the court a surveillance video showing Walshe carrying and throwing away a large garbage bag into a dumpster in Abington, several miles away from their Cohasset home on Jan. 3.

Earlier this month, the victim was reported missing by her workplace, which led authorities to search the couple's home and the entire town.

Walshe was arrested on Jan. 8 after he misled investigators about his wife's disappearance.

The murder suspect is currently detained at the Norfolk County House of Correction.

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