Earlier this month, Samsung unveiled its Premium Suite Jelly Bean features for its Galaxy S3, but now Galaxy Note users should no longer feel left out. The Korea-based manufacturer just revealed some enhanced features that will be making their way to the 5.3-inch “phablet” in due time.

Samsung has not yet revealed when these Android 4.1 Premium Suite additions will launch for the Galaxy Note, but the company has announced exactly what the features will entail. Owners of the first-generation Galaxy Note will be brought up to speed on all the features and additions experienced on its successor, the Galaxy Note 2. The Premium Suite upgrade for the Galaxy Note will include the following:

Multi Window. This allows users to open more than one application at a time in separate windows on the device’s 5.3-inch screen. Multi Window support makes it easier to multitask, offering the ability to perform several tasks on the same screen without interruption.

Popup Note/Video/Browser. With Popup Note, users can write down notes from phone numbers to directions while in a phone call. The Premium Suite update will allow this feature to automatically open when users pull out the S Pen or double tap the screen. Popup Video and Browser also let Galaxy Note owners surf the Web or watch videos while performing other tasks.

Photo Note/ Photo Frame. Users can now add their own handwritten notes on the front or back of their photos.

Easy Clip. Crop an image from any screen, and save or share it instantly. To share a block of text, simply draw a line around the text to select it. “You can easily capture the instant inspiration,” Samsung’s website writes.

Paper Artist. This provides a more creative photo editing experience on the Galaxy Note. Users can choose from various effects and edit with the S Pen.

Handwriting on S Planner/Email. Note owners can now send their own handwritten notes via email and can leave handwritten memos in their S Planner. “Like a post card, you can send your emotional feeling now via Email with handwritten notes,” Samsung writes. This handwriting feature will also make it easier and more intuitive to write down tasks and other memos.

Enhanced S Note. Samsung will be adding more effects and templates to S Note with the upcoming Premium Suite update. The Sketch effect will let users add various photo effects and image filters to their picture, and the Color Picture feature lets Note owners choose any color directly from an image and draw with it.

Samsung says its upcoming Android 4.1 update for the Galaxy Note is the “fastest and smoothest version of Android yet.”

The Galaxy Note launched in February 2012 with Android Gingerbread, and has since been updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It’ll be interesting to see how this move will affect sales of the Galaxy Note 2, considering its predecessor will now have the same enhanced features that the Note 2 boasted upon launch.

Google unveiled its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system update back in June, but many devices are still waiting for the anticipated upgrade. Last month the search engine giant also began rolling out the next generation of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2, although the majority of devices aren’t even running Android 4.1.