Google's been on a rampage with Jelly Bean updates lately, and now Android 4.1.2 is finally rolling out to Samsung's Galaxy S2 handset. On Wednesday, we learned that users in Spain were receiving the upgrade, and Jelly Bean has also now made its way to the UK. An update tracker available via Sam Mobile also indicates that Galaxy S2 handsets in China are receiving the upgrade as well.

Reports say owners of Samsung’s second-generation Galaxy S smartphone in the UK and Europe are starting to receive updates. According to mobile news website Know Your Mobile, one reader informed the tech blog that the anticipated update arrived late Wednesday night.

“Just updated an S2 to Jelly Bean with the official update,” the reader allegedly said. “Works a treat, but no Photosphere camera app! Did Samsung just decide not to include it?”

This Photo Sphere feature, however, is an Android 4.2 exclusive in which the device’s camera automatically guides the user to create a seamless panoramic photo. What makes this feature stand out from a standard panoramic photo mode is that it allows user to photograph more in depth, rather than just one linear view.

It’s important to remember that the Android 4.1.2 update is only available in select regions at this time. For those who feel they may be eligible for an upgrade, be sure to back up your device before beginning the update process. Chances are your data will remain untouched, but it’s always a sound precaution to back up.

Once this is done, head over to the Settings menu and select the About Phone option. Near the bottom of this screen you’ll find a Software Updates tab, and this will prompt you to update your device. After confirming that you would like to complete the download, the Jelly Bean update should install automatically. The device will restart itself after the process is finished, and when it turns on again it should be running Android 4.1.2.

Google officially unveiled its newest treat-themed iteration of Android known as Jelly Bean back in June of last year, and Android users have been awaiting the update ever since. Of course, Android 4.1 made its way to Google’s self-branded line of Galaxy Nexus devices immediately following its launch.

The search engine giant even began introducing subsequent versions of Jelly Bean before most devices have received the upgrade. In addition to Android 4.1.2, the Android 4.2 operating system officially debuted this past November alongside the recently released Nexus 4 handset and Nexus 10 tablet.

To the delight of global Galaxy S2 users, the arrival of Android 4.1.2 disproves a rumor that indicated owners would have to wait until February. Earlier in January, a Samsung spokesperson reportedly confirmed to CNET that the update would arrive next month. This representative also allegedly said that Singapore would be the first nation to get the Jelly Bean update, which also seems to be untrue thus far.

Samsung news blog Sam Mobile, which has become a fairly reputable Web source for Samsung-related news, claims that this update is “by far the most major update given to a smartphone yet.”

“The new Jelly Bean update breathes new life into the Galaxy S II,” the website reads. “Samsung has completely ditched the old UI and has given the new Nature UX Interface, which is the same one being used in the Galaxy S III Mini and the Galaxy S III, in its latest Jelly Bean update.”

This 4.1.2 update brings a new buttery smooth interface to the Galaxy S2, S Cloud services, improved camera features, a fresh lock screen, and capabilities such as Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play and Google Now among other features.