The HTC One M8 Google Play Edition users are now receiving Android 6.0 update Reuters

HTC One (M8) users in Europe can expect a sweet treat on their handsets Wednesday, as the Android 5.0 Lollipop update is now hitting the device, HTC Corp. executive Jeff Gordon announced via Twitter Wednesday. Users on Twitter and Reddit also report that the Android 5.0 is hitting HTC One (M8) handsets in areas including Germany, France and the Nordic region as well as in the Middle East. However, many users in the U.K. say they have no yet received the update.

HTC Corp. is working to fulfill its promise of having the Android 5.0 Lollipop update hit its current flagship, the HTC One (M8) within 90 days of receiving the Android source code from Google Inc. The deadline for that timeframe is Feb. 3, so the Taiwanese manufacturer is making it just under the wire. But there are several markets, including the U.S., which have yet to receive the new software on HTC One (M8) handsets.

So far, only unlocked and developer versions and the Google Play Edition of the HTC One (M8 have updated to Android 5.0. Versions of the device offered by mobile networks have not updated. But, in the past, handsets updating in Europe has been a good indication that U.S. updates are not far behind. HTC executives are sure to keep M8 users posted as updates hit.

The system build or exact system version of this Android update is 4.16.401.10 and will take up about 780MB of memory on HTC One (M8) handsets, according to tech informant @LlabTooFeR.

HTC has sent out the Android 5.0 update over-the-air, meaning the update should reach the smartphones wirelessly; users should be prompted to update their devices automatically once the software hits. But users can also access Settings > About > Software updates on their device to see if an update is available.

Other smartphones updating to Android 5.0 as of Wednesday include the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Russia. Samsung is sending the N900XXUEBOA6 version software over-the-air, but users can also check for the update by accessing Settings > About phone > Software. Software to install the update manually is also available.