Just when Craig thinks he put together the perfect plan things slowly begin to unravel, and not just for him, but for his entire family. On “Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 9 , the Codys make several decisions out of desperation.

In the beginning of “Custody,” Craig (Ben Robson), J (Finn Cole), Deran (Jake Weary) and Pope (Shawn Hatosy) all meet up to scout the yacht job but Baz (Scott Speedman) is a no show.

He later shows up to Deran’s bar to hear Craig’s plan which he thinks is poorly thought out and backs out of the job. He and Craig then get into an argument, however, Baz advises his brother to leave Nicky (Molly Gordon) out of the heist because she has no experience.

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Baz and Pope then go outside where he explains that he is upset because he believes Smurf (Ellen Barkin) killed Catherine (Daniella Alonso). Pope tries to convince Baz that Smurf probably did it to protect him but Baz doesn’t care and refuses to go down for a murder Smurf committed.

His thirst for revenge puts his plans into motion to take Smurf down once and for all. Baz arrives home where Lucy (Carolina Guerra) is waiting for him, revealing that she has brought tools for his solo job. He then tells her that this job was supposed to include Pope but things have changed. What is this solo job she asks? Ripping off Smurf.

Baz explains to Lucy that Smurf killed Catherine because she was talking to the cops but reveals that Pope is the only Cody boy who knows about the murder but feels caught in the middle.

Elsewhere, J learns more about Smurf’s money laundering business and sets out to deposit checks. Later on, Pope shows up to Smurf’s house where she reveals that a cop friend of hers told her that they have no evidence linking Baz to Catherine’s murder. As a result, Pope surprisingly shows affection and hugs his mother.

Now that Baz has backed out of the job, Craig and Deran are scrambling to find a guy who can speak Spanish and English so they can communicate with the guests on the yacht when they rob them.

The two brothers must also find a way to clean the money after the fact. Craig and Deran arrive at Smurf’s house asking her to clean their money once the job is done. Although she agrees, she tells them that Baz probably didn’t follow through with the job because he didn’t think of it and is selfish.

While at Smurf’s place, Craig catches up with Nicky, who previously visited a gun shop looking at merchandise and inquiring about the weapons. She then tells Craig that she wants to have a gun from now on but he just laughs and walks away.

Elsewhere, Baz puts his plan into motion and finds J who is in the middle of cleaning Smurf’s money. He asks the teen if he wants in on a job and J agrees to tag along. The two then head to Smurf’s storage space which Baz believes J doesn’t know about, however, he has been there before. The two go into a storage unit next door to Smurf’s and remove a piece of the wall. They then discover that the room is filled with safes.

Although J asks who’s storage unit they are robbing, Baz won’t get into specifics but tells J to keep the job between the two of them. He also tells J to remember that at the end of the day, Smurf needs him not the other way around.

When J asks Baz when they will get the money out of the safes, he tells him that they need to wait a few weeks, however, shortly after the two part ways, Baz returns to the storage unit and begins opening up safes.

In desperate need of a replacement for Baz, Craig and Deran visit an old friend who they believe will help them, however, they find out that their old pal is now a father and has begun living a legitimate lifestyle.

The two brothers then call on Marco (Joseph Julian Soria) who is hesitant to participate in the job. Craig and Deran plan to get him drunk so he will agree to help them out.

Craig, Deran, and Marco get drunk and reminisce about old times but Marco still refuses to participate in the job. However, he says he’ll agree to do the heist if they do something for him in return. He doesn’t specify what that will be but the brothers agree.

Riddled with guilt following the sins of his past, Pope meets up with Amy (Jennifer Landon) where he tells her that he is a coward and afraid that his family will fall apart if he doesn’t stop it.

Pope explains to her that the problems started when he hurt someone, most likely referring to murdering Catherine in Season 1. Although Amy tries to tell Pope he is a good person he insists he’s not.

Pope drives Amy home where her brother is waiting for her. It is revealed that he and his wife have custody of her son after she almost killed him. Amy attempted to gift her son with a dog but since she did not run it by her brother and his wife, they are returning the animal.

Hurt by what happened Amy tries to kick Pop out of her house but instead of leaving he stays to comfort her. The two then have sex even though Amy previously made a vow not to have sex again unless she was married. Following their romantic night, Amy thanks Pope for being a good person.

Back at home, Smurf gets a call and rushes out the door and arrives at a hotel room. After rummaging through the belongings of the person, she enters the bathroom and pulls back the shower curtain to reveal that she is in Jake’s (Jack Conley) room and she tasers him.

Smurf then ties him up and demands he give her back the $300,000 he stole from her. When he gives her what he has left it is revealed that he spent half of it. Even though she is furious, she tells him that she isn’t going to kill him because he is Craig’s father but informs him that his running days are over and shoots him in the knee.

At the storage space, Baz finishes robbing Smurf and drives off but it is revealed that J never left the building. Baz gets home and tells Lucy that he stole $700,000 from Smurf. Although he reveals that one day Smurf will find out what he did, it won’t matter because he is going to take away everything that she loves.

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After getting her money back from Jack, Smurf returns to the storage unit where she stashes her money only to find it completely empty. Is this the beginning of the end for the Cody family?

“Animal Kingdom” Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.