Anna Michelle Walters, a former substitute teacher at Cosby High School in Virginia, was arrested on Wednesday.

According to ABC affiliate WRIC, she was charged with taking indecent liberties with a minor and crimes against nature.

Walters had sex in her classroom with a student who still attends Cosby, according to police.

An investigation of Walters began 12 days ago, when Justin Foster, a recent graduate who now attends West Virginia University, posted intimate text messages and nude photos from Walters on his twitter account.

“I like it” Foster wrote to Walters in one text message conversation, to which she allegedly replied, “Of course you do. You’re [expletive] the substitute. That’s like you’re [sic] whole class’ fantasy.”

Although Walters was fired after the release of this information, her arrest stems from an alleged relationship with another student at Cosby High School, implying that Foster was likely of age when they engaged in a sexual relationship.

While Chesterfield police Lt. Randy Horowitz would not describe the sexual encounter with the current student, he did state that there was “inappropriate contact” last year between a male student and Walters after school hours.

Walters has since been released on a $10,000 bond, according to WRIC, as long as she does not contact any of her alleged victims.

The investigation of Walters began after Foster became an Internet sensation after publicizing nude photos of Walters that she had sent him.

While many on Twitter had said Foster had earned his bragging rights and was "cool" for what he did, others did not feel the same.

Twitter user @PSachkovsky wrote to him, “If you were really a ‘victim’ you wouldn’t be on here bragging about ruining someone’s life," while @_element33 wrote, “You are clearly not the victim in the situation.”

Foster replied, “awh [sic] come on? Cause [sic] I’m a guy I can’t be the victim #narrowminded.”

Meanwhile, others supported Foster. @Brooklynite wrote, “And everyone needs to stop blaming HIM!! He didn’t ruin her life, she ruined her own life! DON’T SLEEP WITH STUDENTS!”

Before releasing the nude photos, Foster, who uses the Twitter handle @DubVeeU, wrote, “Hahahaha oh man [expletive] going down tonight please if you attend Cosby or used to please be on twitter it’ll be a treat.”

Cosby High School sent a letter to parents regarding Walter’s arrest on Wednesday.

"From the ongoing school division investigation, very serious allegations have been raised and unanswered questions remain," school officials said in the letter. "The investigation by the school division and law enforcement has already resulted in arrest warrants."

"Any additional information that is substantiated will be subject to appropriate employee discipline and potential prosecution. Any inappropriate contact between any employee and a student will not be tolerated,” the letter says.