After Jamey Rodemeyer, another gay teenager, Jamie Hubley from Ottawa, Canada, has succumbed to the incessant peer pressure, bullying and depression and taken his own life.

The troubled teen, in his blog You Can't Break When You're Already Broken, wrote: wish I could be happy. I try, I try, I try...I just want to feel special to someone.

His constant sufferings are revealed in his writings: Being open does not help at all. Yeah, someone will call me a fag. But one after the other, after the other ... I can tell on them ... Yeah. But they don't give a shit. They'll come back after their suspension (fun day at home, free day at school) and continue calling me a faggot. I'm not ready.

On the last day of his life, Jamie wrote that his personal pain was too much to bear and he could not suffer any longer.

Im tired of life really. Its so hard, Im sorry, I cant take it anymore, he wrote, ...Being sad is sad... I'v been like this for way to long (sic).

Nearly 500 teenagers commit suicide, every year, in Canada. Ninety per cent of those teens suffer from mental health problems such as chronic depression, schizophrenia and substance abuse. The number of suicides caused by bullying over sexuality is also on rise. The latest suicide poses serious questions about youth depression and school bullying.