There was no fiddler on the roof for a Florida home owner. Instead the St. Augustine resident had a hell raising naked man atop of his home.

On Saturday morning cops responded to a call that a man had trashed patio furniture and had climbed up on a stranger's roof - butt naked.

The naked man in question is 22-year-old Jeremiah Aaron Haughee.

According to the Daily Mail, police arrived at the Florida home at 4:30 A.M. to find Haughee covered in urine and restrained by two men.

The two men attempting restrain Haughee was the home owner and his son. According to the residents they woke to find someone destroying their patio furniture and then climbing onto their roof. The two men went outside to assess the situation, but soon after opening the door had Haughee run inside. The police report states that upon being inside, the naked culprit urinated on the floor and then proceeded to take a bite out of one of the men's stomach.

The New York Daily News reports that it took five police officers to restrain Haughee. Despite being handcuffed, Tasered and falling off a porch railing, Haughee still put up a fight with the officers.

Haughee was only able to be subdued after biting an officer's leg and subsequently getting a hood thrown over his head and his legs shackled. According to the Daily News, doctors had to knock out the man with a tranquilizer.

While the severity of the officer's bite is unknown, the Daily Mail reports that the bite the home owner received is so severe that it will leave the victim permanently disfigured.

Jeremiah Haughee was released on a $32,000 bail on Sunday. He is charged with five counts of battery, three of which were against a police officer.

The Daily News reports that Haughee was not drug tested because there was no statute requiring him to take such a test.