Here are a few ideas on how to throw an Anti-Valentine's Day party. Reuters

Sure, Valentine’s Day is great when you’re in love. If you’re single and miserable, though, it can only add to the supposed winter depression some singles face. But, wait -- what’s that saying? -- misery loves company.

Luckily, there are plenty of people who can’t stand the alleged day of love, which some of them consider to be a day fabricated by retailers. Maybe you’re not single and you still hate Feb. 14, the day when men and women and boys and girls exchange gifts in the name -- or illusion -- of love. So why not throw an Anti-Valentine's Day party?

First, hosts can send out cheeky invites. Something like, “I hate this stupid holiday,” or even something simpler like, “Valentine’s Day Sucks.” Maybe you don’t want to use words at all: You can just have a picture of a heart with an “X” over it.

Next, it’s time to decorate. Hosts should take advantage of the Valentine’s Day decorations in stores, but just add their own flair. Maybe get some black spray paint to draw X’s over all the hearts or write, “Cupid Rhymes With Stupid.” While lovers might use red and white candles, black candles could be appropriate for an Anti-Valentine’s Day party.

Bakers can do a spoof on candy hearts and create heart-shaped sugar cookies. Use pastel-colored icing to replicate the candy, but instead of “Be Mine” and “I Love You,” phrases like “Bite Me,” “Go Away” and “Pain” might be more appropriate. Bakers can also use a gingerbread-man cookie cutter to create faux voodoo dolls of their exes.

For music, tunes such as Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” Katy Perry’s “Roar” and almost all of Taylor Swift’s song are appropriate.

Meantime, to help commiserate, check out some of the Anti-Valentine’s Day memes shared below:

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