We at the International Business Times love to discuss the latest breaking news and events, especially when they have such a great impact on our society and culture. In an effort to promote some of these in-house discussions and even share them with the greater social community, we at IBTimes have instituted a new weekly platform on Twitter called "IBTTalks," where our reporters get together for an hour each Wednesday to participate in an open discussion about the latest news and events.

For our very first IBTTalks discussion, IBTimes' technology team, which includes Dave Smith, Lisa Eadicicco and Yannick LeJacq, all sat down to discuss Apple's media event on Tuesday, in which the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer company unveiled a slew of updated and redesigned Mac computers, a fourth-generation iPad, and the adorable new iPad Mini. In this chat (embedded below, with the help from our friends at Storify), IBTimes' writers analyze Apple's event and its "innovation cycles," discuss how competitors plan to respond to these new devices, and even dream up some new ideas for what Apple should build next.

Check out their entire chat below, and leave us your thoughts and impressions at the bottom of the page.