bates and duggars
The Duggars of “Counting On” and the Bates of “Bringing Up Bates” are still friends. TLC/UPtv

Fans that have been watching the Duggars since their days on “19 Kids and Counting” may notice that some of their more famous friends, the Bates of “Bringing Up Bates,” have not appeared on episodes of their spinoff show, “Counting On.” While some viewers have taken it to mean the two families are no longer friends, pals of the expansive broods are now clearing up those rumors.

The Bates Family Blog confirmed recently that the two families have “restrictions” when it comes to appearing on each other’s shows as they air on different networks. “Bringing Up Bates” is an UPtv program while “Counting On” airs on TLC. While this presents a challenge when it comes to the family cameoing on each other’s shows as they have in the past, the blog reports there is no bad blood between the two groups.

“...These two families are very close,” reads the post. “They are always present to show support at important events like weddings and graduations. They are also quick to lend a hand with set-up at these events and they see each other at times throughout the year.”

As previously reported, Jana Duggar served as a bridesmaid at Michael Bates’ wedding in 2015. The blog also reports that Trace Bates was part of Joe Duggar’s wedding party in September and Carlin Bates was a bridesmaid on Joy-Anna Duggar’s big day in May.

The blog’s comments come on the heels of a post from the official Bates Family Instagram page which explained why the two family’s can’t appear on each other’s shows. After Carlin posted a photo on her own account of her and Joy at her wedding in celebration of her friend’s birthday late last month, one fan wrote that they didn’t see her in Joy’s wedding episode. The Bates account then responded, as first pointed out by The Inquisitr, offering an explanation.

“Filming for two different networks does not allow us on their show or vice versa, so both families stay in the background when the other is filming or they edit around it, as in this case,” read the post. “But both families still have been able to attend each of the major events, which has been very special.”

The Bates are returning with their show “Bringing Up Bates” on Jan. 4, 2018. TLC has yet to confirm a new season of “Counting On,” though it appears new episodes are on the way.