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Duggar fans will likely want to learn more about Jana Duggar’s (left) love life should TLC renew “Counting On.” TLC

TLC has yet to announce a new season of “Counting On,” but according to Jinger Vuolo’s mother-in-law, Diana Vuolo, the show will be filming an upcoming event for her organization, which means more episodes may be on the way.

Diana’s comments on Friday come after weeks of fans and friends of the Duggar family requesting new episodes of the docuseries. Late last month, the Duggar Family Blog, which is run by two pals of the Arkansas brood, asked viewers to contact Discovery Communications Inc., TLC’s parent company, to share their thoughts on “Counting On.”

“Since December 2015, TLC has aired almost 50 episodes of Counting On. While many of you have enjoyed the series thus far, its future is uncertain, as there has been no mention of a new season following Monday’s season finale,” the blog wrote.

“Do you want to continue to watch the Duggars on TLC? Do you have suggestions for making the show more attractive to viewers? We enjoy hearing your feedback, and we encourage you to share it with TLC, as well. We have encouraged this in the past, and the network has heard your voices.”

If the network does decide to bring back the Duggar, Seewald, Vuolo, Dillard and now Forsyth clan for new episodes, here’s what fans would probably love to see.

Joy and Austin’s Rennovation

When “Counting On” ended, viewers didn’t get to see the completed house project Austin and Joy Forsyth were working on prior to their wedding. It is rumored the couple is still putting the finishing touches on their first marital home, so there might still be some time a camera crew to film the process.

Joy’s Pregnancy


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Last month’s “Counting On” finale completely ignored Joy’s pregnancy announcement, despite showing off her bump during Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell’s wedding episode. Joy announced her pregnancy before Joe and Kendra tied the knot, so there’s bound to be some Joy pregnancy footage somewhere. Luckily for those desiring an update on Joy, Austin has been so kind as to post a few in recent weeks.

Jinger And Jeremy’s Home And Work


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Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo announced during the “Counting On” midseason special in July that they had purchased their first home in Texas. However, viewers never really got to see them in their abode. Hopefully fans will get to witness the decorating Jinger’s sister Jana Duggar expressed interest in helping them with in a future episode.

Of course, it would also be great to be able to get a closer look at Jinger and Jeremy’s recent charity work with SWAN 4 Kids. And according to Jeremy’s mother’s recent comments, it seems this storyline might just happen.

Jana and John-David’s Love Lives


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Despite being the second and third eldest offspring of parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Jana and John-David Duggar have yet to announce an official courtship or settle down. After numerous dating rumors (Jana has been linked to four men since 2014) and their multiple comments about their love lives, viewers are bound to enjoy an update on Jana and John-David.

More Duggars


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Sure, “Counting On” viewers get to see Jim Bob and Michelle’s children who are not courting from time to time, but we rarely get updates on their day-to-day lives. What’s going on with the rest of the Duggar sons and daughters? Fans would love to know!

Newest Dillard Baby


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“Counting On” touched on Jill Dillard’s second pregnancy in the latest season, but viewers never got to see the birth or meet her and husband Derick Dillard’s new baby boy. Fans are well-acquainted with the couple’s first child, Israel. Will Duggar fans ever get to meet baby Samuel onscreen?