New footage of a January arrest, which appears to show an officer attacking an unarmed suspect during a search and another officer later mocking the man as he lies bloodied on a hospital floor, was released Wednesday.

Video of the incident, obtained and released by the Arizona Republic, appears to show Mesa Police Officer Joseph Mis punch and elbow 23-year-old Jose Luis Conde about four times while other officers try to apprehend the suspect. Police said they found cocaine in Conde's socking during the search on Jan. 28.

Conde was in the passenger seat of a vehicle when police stopped the car for a taillight violation. Officers asked him to exit the car and he consented to a search by officer Matthew Harris, who found something in Conde’s sock which caused the suspect to react, Harris wrote in a police report.

"His quick, aggressive and violent action was indicative of someone launching an assault," according to the report. "I reacted to his body movement by grabbing a hold of his upper body, lifting him off the ground and taking him to the ground."

Conde is accused of "throwing punches" at the officer during the arrest. The report says that when Harris grabbed onto his body, the suspect "lost his footing as we made contact with a block wall," resulting in him needing medical care. 

Another video from a different body cam shows an incident at a hospital where Conde tried to escape after he received treatment for his injuries. 

"I observed Officer Clover push Jose [Conde] into the wall and then saw Jose fall head first through the set of double doors leading to another hallway," Officer William Roer's report said.

"Officer Clover was able to grab Jose and forced him against a nearby wall. Jose continued to struggle and was trying to pull away from Officer Clover but in the process was grabbing at Officer Clover’s gear. During the midst of this, I observed that Jose had begun bleeding profusely from his head."

In the released footage, a hospital worker can be seen leading a police officer to Conde. A second officer is heard saying "aww" while a nurse treats Conde’s injuries. "You gotta be a man," the unidentified officer tells Conde as is lying on the floor. "Man up."

Conde faces charges of narcotics possession, escape, resisting arrest and aggravated assault on police. His criminal case is scheduled to go to trial on July 5. 

Seven Mesa officers have been placed on leave pending the outcome of two separate and unrelated cases. Arizona police Police in Arizona released body cam footage of what appeared to be officers attacking and mocking a suspect during a drug arrest. A policeman is pictured standing guard on July 31, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images