Although Inga Petry was born without arms, she is more than capable of completing everyday tasks, like cooking. After sharing some of her skills on camera, a compilation video of the 20-year-old woman preparing a meal with her feet and performing other chores is now getting a lot of attention online.

The Daily Mail reported that Petry was born in Novosibirsk, a city in Siberia, with upper limb aplasia, a condition in which the baby’s arms do not develop in the womb. At the age of two, she was adopted by an American couple, Daniel and Jennifer Petry.

Petry, who grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, quickly adjusted to her condition and did not allow her disability to stop her from having a normal life.

In the video, Petry can be seen sitting on a chair as she uses her toes to cook onions. Later on in the clip, the pre-law student gives a brief tutorial on how she applies her makeup using her toes.

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Although Petry had the option to use prosthetic limbs, she revealed she prefers to use her feet.

“I use my legs to write and type. I use them to eat, and I also cook a lot with my feet. I have wonderful friends and a wonderful boyfriend who help me when I get in over my head,” she explained. “I have been given prosthetics, and I was thankful for them, but they don’t really work for me. I have gotten along so well without them.”

Due to the closed adoption, Petry has never met her biological parents but admitted she would have had a difficult time if she stayed in Russia.

“I have never met my birth parents, but I know that because of the culture in Russia, I might have been sent to an asylum, and the stigma would have been unbearable. It was better for me to be adopted,” she said.

Petry currently lives in New York City where she hopes to finish school and become a lawyer. She also shares her life on her self-titled YouTube channel where she currently has just under 2K subscribers.

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