The Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) will find a new ally when he meets Lady Cop (Rutina Wesley, not pictured) in "Arrow" Season 4. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

“Arrow” Season 4 will welcome plenty of new comic book characters, including Lady Cop. “True Blood” veteran Rutina Wesley will tackle the role of the Green Arrow’s (Stephen Amell) ally, and the first photos of her on set have been posted on Twitter.

Director Lexi Alexander posted a clear shot on Saturday that shows Lady Cop outside a large, heavily armored truck. Her uniform is pretty heavy-duty as well, indicating the Starling City Police Department likely has been dealing with some tough threats since the Arrow left town in the Season 3 finale.

Alexander is the director of Season 4, episode 4, according to IMDb, so that’s likely the episode during which this photo was taken. Wesley, however, will have a multiepisode arc on the CW drama.

This photo is a much clearer shot of her uniform, which fans first glimpsed in a tweet from Paul Blackthorne Thursday. It looks like Lady Cop and the Green Arrow (pictured in his new suit) will meet each other early on, but how will Captain Lance (Blackthorne) feel about that? Lady Cop and the Green Arrow are allies in the comics, but Lance isn’t the biggest fan of superheroes. He wasn’t happy about Oliver’s identity as the Arrow in Season 3, but will he realize the city needs a vigilante? Lady Cop will have to hope so. It looks like a camera is built into her helmet. If that's the case, she likely won’t be able to keep any contact with the Green Arrow a secret.

Observant fans will also notice that her badge says Star City Police Department. The trailer for “Arrow” Season 4 showed that Starling City was renamed in honor of Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), who is believed to be dead. Watch the trailer below:

The trailer teases the arrival of another DC Comics character that won’t get along with Oliver as well as Lady Cop. Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) was revealed in the trailer, and he looks absolutely evil. Hopefully, Lady Cop can help the Green Arrow take him down.

“Arrow” Season 4 premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.