• Arthritis affects a lot of people causing them to suffer from a lot of pain in the joints
  • Some foods help in alleviating the symptoms 
  • There are also foods you should avoid because they increase inflammation

Arthritis refers to the conditions that affect the joints, causing pain and stiffness. The foods that arthritis sufferers eat have got a lot to do with the inflammation. There are foods that are known to reduce inflammation, but at the same time, there are foods that increase inflammation.

It is important for every patient to know and identify the foods that could increase inflammation. This will help them to avoid these foods and to prevent them from suffering more pain because of exacerbated inflammation.

Researchers coming from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine examined the prevention of the disease through proper diet. They had a 2009 study where they found that by decreasing consumption of the “wrong” types of foods, you may be able to reduce inflammation. Below is the list of wrong foods that you must avoid if you are suffering from arthritis.

Processed Foods

These foods have high levels of trans fat. These foods include prepackaged meals, baked goods, and snacks that have dangerous fat. This bad fat can lead to systematic inflammation. Obviously, if you are suffering from arthritis, it could send inflammation spiking and could increase the pain that you feel. So as a general rule, you must avoid foods that have partially hydrogenated oils.

foods to avoid when you have arthritis
foods to avoid when you have arthritis MabeAmber - Pixabay

Red Meat

The red meat that you may be fond of eating is also high in saturated fats. Remember that these fats could lead to inflammation and high cholesterol levels. Aside from this, it contains Advanced Glycation End or AGEs, which, when cooked, stimulates inflammation.

Refined Carbohydrates

Also, try to avoid white flour products. This would include white bread, white pasta, and also crackers. Refined grains would have to be included in the list as well. These refined carbs can cause blood glucose to spike, which then leads to an increase in inflammation.

Sugar and a Number of Sugar Alternatives

Sugar must be avoided as well. Foods that would have refined sugar as an ingredient must be avoided. Some of the foods that you would need to avoid in order not to trigger an increase in the body’s inflammation include chocolates, pastries, carbonated beverages, and sweets.

Your best option in order to avoid inflammation and from getting your arthritis to worsen would be fruits, vegetables, and a lot of leafy greens. When you go for these foods and avoid the other four, you can rest assured at the thought that you will have better days.