• Arthritis is a debilitating condition that could leave patients suffering from a lot of pain
  • Patients are always looking for a way to treat the disease
  • One royal princess is promoting a certain treatment to combat the painful disease

Arthritis is one of the most painful diseases around. Patients would often be taking pain relievers just to combat pain. There are those who seek doctors and are given over-the-counter medications, and there are also those who go the natural means. One royal is promoting a certain kind of treatment, and while the said treatment may have been dubbed as a controversial one, health experts say that it might just help.

The Use of Stem Cells

Stem cell treatment may be the next big thing when it comes to treating arthritis. As per Express’ report, a lot of doctors have already started using stem cell therapy to treat the debilitating disease. Although it is not considered as a standard practice, with many calling the treatment as controversial, it would seem that more people are going this way.

stem cell treatment arthritis
stem cell treatment arthritis darkostojanovic - Pixabay

This type of treatment reduces inflammation in the body. When inflammation is kept at bay, pain is likewise reduced, allowing patients to suffer less from the disease. This kind of therapy helps in increasing the number of healthy cells.

The Royal Princess

According to the report of Express, Princess Michael of Kent, the wife of Prince Michael, who is the Queen’s cousin, recently appeared in an ad. In the said promotional video, the Princess was showing her right arm, signifying that stem cells are the future.

She had stem cell injections for the painful shoulder. The video was for a clinic in the Bahamas that offers the arthritis stem cell treatment.

Stem Cell and Arthritis

Researchers are still looking for ways on how to use stem cells to regenerate tissues and to control inflammation. The mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are the types of stem cells that develop into cartilage and bone. This has shown great promise in treating arthritis.

Despite the positive responses that the treatment has, there are still those who doubt it and would consider it as controversial. As for those who have benefited from the treatment, maybe stem cells did wonders for them. It could be an avenue for those who are still looking for effective arthritis treatment.