William Boyland
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Things just keep getting worse for Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland. Just two days after Boyland was brought up on new corruption charges, his chief of staff has been arrested on similar charges.

Ryan Hermon, 333, was charged with bribery and conspiracy to receive more than $2,000 in cash bribes. A criminal complaint that was filed on Thursday by federal prosecutors that allege Hermon was caught on tape soliciting the bribes in exchange for helping them to receive business permits and closing real estate deals, the Associate Press reports.

The complaint details a meeting in a Manhattan restaurant in February which Hermon allegedly took bribes from undercover FBI agents. According to the complaint, she indicated that she wanted to be paid because if Boyland only received money, she would never see it.

I wouldn't, you know, mind eating some steak and potatoes, she allegedly said according to the complaint. The undercover FBI agent offered Hermon $1,000 in cash.

Oh my God! You just, like, made me hot, she said.

Ryan Hermon's job was to provide aid and assistance to her community, said U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch in a statement. Instead, she allegedly used her position to help herself, trading her influence and energy for personal gain. Staffers who sell the public's trust are on notice that they will be held.