• The student hung up a phone call the teacher was making
  • School district officials said they were "greatly disturbed" by the incident
  • The girl's mother later spoke up and revealed that her daughter is autistic and bipolar

A school teacher, subbing in for the day, witnessed her class being disrupted by a student at the Castleberry High School in Fort Worth, Texas. The student hit the teacher on her arm before making racially charged comments over the phone with her mother.

Following the incident, the mother said there's more to this than meets the eye and revealed her daughter is autistic and bipolar.

A video of the incident was shared on Twitter on Friday, but it is unclear when exactly the altercation unfolded inside the classroom. The video captured the teenager walking up to the front of the class and disconnecting a phone call that the substitute teacher was trying to make. As the teacher tried to move the girl's hand away from the phone, she was struck by the teenager on her arm, according to New York Post.

“Deal with me,” said the furious student.

“You touched me. I did not touch you,” said the teacher as she walked around the desk and made her way to the hallway to get help.

The student then grabbed hold of the phone on the desk and called her mother. “You ain’t about to f**k me up, b*tch!” she yelled as the teacher approached her.

“I need you to get over here now because this teacher is about to get f**ked up if she doesn’t get the f**k away from me,” the student said over the phone call. “You want to talk to her? Because she’s black, and she’s f**king pissing me off right now,” she continued.

The livid student is seen throwing the phone and storming out of the classroom by the end of the video clip, which has racked up thousands of views online.

The series of events led to the district police starting an investigation into the incident.

A statement was also released by the school district officials, who were “greatly disturbed” after the incident.

The student’s mother, Brittany Evans, spoke to WFAA and said her daughter is autistic, bipolar, and battles depression with anxious distress. Evans also said she has sat through more than 10 meetings with district leaders to move her daughter to special education classes.

“I was upset for the teacher,” Evans said. "I was upset for her even being in that situation," she added.

Referring to the racially charged comments her daughter made over the phone, Evans said she has no idea “where she would learn something like that.”

“I know I don’t throw racial slangs ever,” the mother said. “I know none of my family members that live in the house with me throw racial slang ever,” she explained.

Evans appreciated the way the teacher handled the situation with her daughter and called her an "amazing woman."

"She is calm, very collected, super sweet,” the mother said. “I wanted to reach out to her but didn’t know how. She is, in my eyes, a saint. And needs an award,” she added.

A three-day suspension was given to her daughter. However, Evans knows the teenager faces the possibility of a harsher punishment.

“What that student did is a felony under state law,” Steve Poole, Executive Director for the United Educators Association, said. “Assaulting a public servant - and a teacher is a public servant - is a felony. And hopefully, the student will face appropriate consequences,” he concluded.

Representational Image Credit: Pixabay