After receiving numerous warnings from his contestants that some of the women are not ready for an engagement, Colton will have his work cut out for him on the next installment of “The Bachelor.” Monday’s episode 7 will see the Season 23 lead travel to Colorado where he will host three one-on-one dates and one group date. In the end, three women will be eliminated from the ABC series.

One-On-One Dates

Colton’s first one-on-one takes him to Union Station with Tayshia. While the two have had some serious chemistry this season, her decision to share “earth-shattering” news with will shake him. “Things turn serious when Tayshia decides to reveal the women who may be deceiving him,” reveals the synopsis. Could she be talking about Caelynn and Cassie’s alleged Bachelorette plans?

While the bombshell may upset Colton, Tayshia does end the night with a rose, Reality Steve reports.

Caelynn is Colton’s next solo date. He and the beauty pageant star enjoy a day of skiing before taking in a concert. Their fun is short-lived, however, after Colton’s “questions her intentions.”

“In an attempt to keep a hold on her future with Colton, she doubles down and opens up about the depth of her feelings, declaring her love to the skeptical Bachelor,” states the preview. Luckily for her, she is able to win Colton over and receives a rose, earning her a spot in hometowns.

Colton’s final solo date of the episode takes him house hunting with Hannah B. There, Hannah is surprised by a meeting with Colton’s parents. Despite being introduced to his family, things won’t bode well for Hannah B. After a romantic dinner, Colton will fear that “something is missing.” It has been leaked that Hannah B. is sent home on her date.

Group Date

With only several women left in the competition, just four of the contestants will attend episode 7’s group date. Colton takes the women, which consist of Heather, Kirpa, Hannah G., and Cassie, to a cozy mountain rest stop, though the outing is anything but relaxing.

“One woman throws another under the bus as everyone’s emotions run high, and it is left to Colton to make his toughest decision yet,” teases the synopsis. “Colton must judge the sincerity of these women in order to move forward. Suddenly, a surprise visitor crashes the party to deliver important news that may affect the fate of the women.”

Who Gets Eliminated?

Before hometowns, Colton will say goodbye to two more contestants after eliminating Hannah B. earlier in the episode. Fearing she’s not ready for Colton to meet her family, Heather will decide to part ways with the show in episode 7, according to Reality Steve. The installment will also see Colton eliminate Kirpa during a rose ceremony.

Colton’s final four and hometown dates will consist of Hannah G., his first impression rose winner, Cassie, Caelynn, and Tayshia. Find out who gets eliminated during hometowns HERE.

“The Bachelor” Season 23, episode 7 airs Monday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.