ABC has confirmed another season in paradise is upon us. This summer, the network will be releasing its sixth installment of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

In a series that will play host to “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” contestants of years past, here are six stars from current “Bachelor” star Colton Underwood’s season we want to see join the cast in 2019.

[Warning: Spoilers For Season 23 Below!]


demi Demi from “The Bachelor” Season 23.

This season’s clear villain was made to star on “Bachelor in Paradise.” When she gets booted from the show by Colton next week, there’s no doubt social media will be voicing the same thought.


caelynn Caelynn from “The Bachelor” Season 23.

If this beauty pageant star is not the next “Bachelorette” after getting sent home following hometown dates, she would be the perfect addition to “Paradise.” Let’s just hope she would be able to remove herself from any potential future feuds should her on-time nemesis Hannah B. turn up.


tayshia Tayshia from “The Bachelor” Season 23.

Despite having an obviously strong connection with Colton, Tayshia won’t ultimately win The Bachelor’s heart this season. However, throughout her time on the show, she has shown herself to be an attentive partner and a great friend. Let’s hope she’s given a second chance at love in Paradise.


Elyse Elyse from “The Bachelor” Season 23.

After a show-stopping date with Colton in Season 23, Elyse found herself craving more attention from her suitor. During a serious chat with The Bachelor in episode 5, she admitted she could not accept a proposal from him at the end of the show, should he present her with one, and quit the show. Our guess is Elyse will have better luck in Paradise where she could more freely date her potential matches.


Nicole Nicole from “The Bachelor” Season 23.

After being misheard by another contestant, Nicole will find herself quickly ousted from “The Bachelor” competition during the next episode. She claimed to be serious about finding love, so hopefully for her, she will be able to find what she is looking for in paradise.


Courtney Courtney from “The Bachelor” Season 23.

This “Bachelor” contestant seriously struggled with the competitive dating process on the show. We think she would have much better luck opening up and finding love in the “Bachelor in Paradise” atmosphere.

“Bachelor in Paradise” returns to ABC this summer. A premiere date has not yet been announced.