It’s safe to say Colton Underwood’s fantasy suite dates on “The Bachelor” won’t go as he planned. After having alone time with finalist Tayshia Adams, Colton will get an overnight date with Cassie Randolph on Monday’s installment of the ABC series. And while the first part of their date goes swimmingly, their second half will see show-stopping drama.

Halfway through Cassie’s fantasy suite date with Colton, her dad, Matt Randolph, will show up to drop a bombshell. Matt will tell his daughter, according to spoilers from Reality Steve, that he didn’t give Colton his blessing to propose during her hometown date. This will result in Cassie questioning her relationship with Colton.

After talking to her dad, Cassie will tell the cameras she wishes she had “more time” to figure out what she wants to do. She ultimately decides she needs to “send herself home.”

During her talk with Colton, Cassie informs him she knows about her dad’s lack of blessing and says it concerns her. “Cassie starts to wonder if he’s the right person for her if her family isn’t sold,” reports the blogger.

Cassie reportedly goes on to tell Colton she’s not “in love” with him. After many tears, and Colton promising to be patient with Cassie, she still decides to leave the show.

“Colton tells her he doesn’t want her to make a decision now, and that it’s not easy going on other dates when all he can think about is her. She says she’d hate to see him leave there, not getting what he came for, which was an engagement, and he replies that if it’s not with the person he feels strongest about, it’s not worth it.”

“Colton specifically does tell her ‘I want it to be you at the end of this, engaged or not.’ Cassie mentions that there’s still two other girls here, and he says, ‘I [expletive] love you.’ That’s when Cassie says, ‘I can’t do this.’ And that’s how it ended at that time between them.”

This won’t be the end of Cassie and Colton though. Find out what to expect the rest of the season HERE.

“The Bachelor” will air it’s women-tell-all on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. Expect to see Caelynn and Cassie's "Bachelorette" plans discussed and more during the special. Catch the two-part finale of “The Bachelor” starting Monday, March 11.​​