“The Bachelor” Season 24 will continue with more dates and much more drama when it returns with episode 3 on Monday. Find out who gets alone time with star Peter Weber and who gets eliminated next on ABC’s 2020 installment.

“Champagne-Gate” Continues

Last week’s installment saw Kelsey and Hannah Ann battle over the latter enjoying a bottle of allegedly stolen prized champagne with Peter. That drama will continue into week three. ABC’s synopsis reveals the two contestants will attempt to “bury the hatchet” but will only “succeed in making matters worse.”

One-On-One Date

Peter’s solo date this week will be gifted to Victoria P. During their date, which sees them line dancing, she “tearfully opens up about her heartbreaking childhood.” The synopsis questions if this “personal drama” will be “off-putting” to Peter or if it will draw him closer to the contestant. Spoilers reveal it is the latter as Reality Steve reports Victoria P. is gifted a rose on her date, keeping her safe from elimination.

Group Date

bachelor spoilers
Alayah and Sydney will compete for Peter's heart on "The Bachelor" Season 24, episode 3's group date. ABC
“Bachelor” alum Demi Burnett will make a cameo in episode 3 to host Peter’s “Extreme Pillow Fight Club” group date. The outing will see eight of the women decked out in “sexy sleepwear” get “their frustrations as they smack each other with fluffy pillows.” Show host Chris Harrison and actor Fred Willard will offer their commentary during the fights.

According to Reality Steve, Alayah won the fight after an intense final match with Sydney. He reports there was “a little bad blood” between the two after the fact due to their match including some “hair pulling.” Though Sydney lost the match, she is reported to earn the group date rose. She is also said to inform Peter that she finds Alayah to be “fake.”

Who Gets Eliminated?

bachelor spoilers 2
"The Bachelor" Season 24, episode 3 will see Sarah, Jasmine, Alexa, and Alayah eliminated. ABC

The drama between Alayah and Sydney will continue into a pre-elimination pool party. “One bachelorette draws the ire of many of the ladies as a stunning revelation has Peter struggling with his feelings for the controversial woman. Should he trust his heart or what he hears from the other bachelorettes?” the synopsis teases.

According to Reality Steve, Peter will seek out the advice of the other women to get their thoughts on Sydney’s claims. When he asks Victoria P., who was friends with Alayah before the show, for her opinion she is said to tell him “Alayah is a liar and manipulative,” the blogger revealed.

While ABC teases that Peter will struggle with his rose decisions, it has already been leaked that he will send Alayah home in episode 3. Other eliminations include Alexa, Jasmine, and Sarah.

Watch the preview below. “The Bachelor” Season 24, episode 3 airs Monday, Jan. 20, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.