Kenny and Lee’s feud reaches new heights during Season 13, episode 5 of “The Bachelorette.” The controversial cast member has been outed as a “snake” and his adversary will stop at nothing to show Rachel his true colors.

The episode opens where the last left off — the “Bachelorette” cast is trying to make the best of a group date, but gossip threatens to take some of them out of the game. After hearing that Lee’s been lying to Rachel about his demeanor, Kenny confronts his co-star. Just outside the date venue, Kenny stays calm, cool and collected while Lee attempts to provoke him and escalate the situation.

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Elsewhere, Rachel’s connecting with Bryan, completely unaware of the drama that’s unfolding. The smooth-talking chiropractor brings up a comment Rachel made during one of their previous dates about him being “too good to be true.” He assures her that he feels the same about her, which he’s chosen to take as a sign that they’re “a perfect match.”

The men reunite inside the yacht club, where they’re joined by Rachel. The mood is tense, but Rachel’s largely unaware. She’s armed with the group date rose and ready to deliver it to Bryan, whom she praised for his confidence.

The First One-On-One

Rachel whisks Jack away for some alone time in the hopes of getting to know him better. They spend the afternoon shucking oysters and learning to dance before heading off to a dinner together. During the meal, it becomes clear to Rachel and “Bachelorette” viewers that he’s more into her than she is into him.

Jack continues to comment on how connected he feels to Rachel and how ready he is to fall in love with her. Rachel stops the date short and opens up to her Season 13 suitor about how worthy he is of love. She then tells him she won’t be giving him a rose and sends him packing.

Back at the “Bachelorette” cast’s lodging, Will pulls Lee aside to try and talk some sense into him. They have an honest conversation about the implications of language, specifically the word “aggressive” when used to describe a black male. Lee misinterprets what Will’s saying, suggesting Kenny’s playing “the race card.”

Rose Ceremony

After making an unexpected decision during dinner with Jack, Rachel decides to cancel the cocktail party and jump right to the rose ceremony. She knows who she feels a connection with and who she doesn’t and is prepared to send more people home. The Season 13 cast gathers and Rachel begins handing out roses.

Eric, Peter, Adam, Will, Matt, Alex, Josiah, Anthony, Kenny and Lee get roses. Jonathan and Iggy are eliminated. Iggy is clearly disappointed and breaks down in tears. After her eliminated suitors are sent home, Rachel reveals that the remaining men will be traveling with her to Oslo, Norway.

Second One-On-One

The cast lands in Norway and they’re feeling hopeful. Not long after their arrival, Rachel steals Bryan away for a solo date. The pair spend an afternoon exploring the new city they’re in before heading to an Olympic ski jump to repel down 187 feet.

Rachel and Bryan are both afraid, but the “Bachelorette” front runner jumps right into comforting his lady. He repeatedly urges her to “just look at me.” They share a kiss in the air before landing safely on the ground.

During the dinner that followed their date, Rachel and Bryan get real about their pasts. She learns that Bryan wasn’t always the handsome and charming man that’s appearing on “The Bachelorette.” While being vulnerable with Rachel, he shares with her that he’s absolutely falling in love with her.

Group Date

Rachel takes Anthony, Peter, Alex, Adam, Dean, Josiah, Eric and more for an afternoon of handball. Before long they realize they’re in over their heads, but they’re ready to try and impress Rachel. They guys are pulling out all the stops: blocking Rachel like one of the guys, tying her shoes for her and even pulling her off the court.

Will shines brighter than the rest due to his athletic skills, which Rachel’s excited by. They head into the cocktail party and she pulls him aside for a moment in the hopes of solidifying their connection. Will gets real with Rachel about his struggles opening up to women and being a guarded person, sharing the story of his most recent break up with her.

Will wasn’t the only one willing to open up. The “Bachelorette” Season 13 cast came to the party with poems, song lyrics and stories of vulnerability. Josiah, however, struggles to break through to Rachel.

Will gets the rose. Peter, who shares a steamy moment with Rachel in the hot tub, is starting to struggle to figure out the status of their relationship.


While the other guys are playing games with Rachel, trying to win her over, Lee and Kenny are back at their new hotel preparing for what’s sure to be an interesting two-on-one. Kenny shares an emotional Facetime call with his daughter, whom he’s struggling with being away from, while Lee lift weights and plots Kenny’s demise.

When the date card arrives the reality sets in that only one of the two can return to the “Bachelorette” house. Rachel takes them away on a helicopter ride to a serene wooded area where they share a bit of a picnic. Lee’s determined to take Kenny down, while Kenny’s trying to focus on Rachel.

The “Bachelorette” star takes Kenny aside for some alone time first. He opens up to her about how much fun they have together and how good he feels about their connection, despite their issues over the last few weeks. He assures her he sees a future with her, but he’s not able to completely steer clear of Lee during their conversation.

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Kenny admits that he called Lee a snake, but he assures Rachel that the man she sees in front of her is the man he is. Rachel is reassured by her conversation with Kenny, but that quickly changes when she speaks with Lee. He claims he was physically removed from a van, which shocks Rachel.

Find out what happens when Kenny confronts Lee during Tuesday’s special episode of “The Bachelorette” at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.